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The Shot Caller's Report - WRs/TEs
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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Randy Moss @ DET - With T.O. ailing, Randy inherits the top spot again, a spot he could theoretically maintain for the rest of the season, provided he stays healthy. There simply isn't a more special athlete in the league aside from Michael Vick. Detroit's very un-special corners will have a hard time containing him this weekend.

2. Drew Bennett @ OAK - Mark it down as a backwards "K" for the ol' Shot Caller. I didn't even swing and miss with Bennett (gotta swing to do that). Needless to say, he's…um…one of the hottest receivers in the league right now. We may never know why he and Air McNair seemed to be on a different page but we can take comfort in the fact he and Billy Volek most certainly are. If you like lots of yards and lots of touchdowns, he's your guy.

3. Joe Horn @ TB - If you guessed T.O. was leading the league in receiving yardage, guess again. After an 84-yard, one-touch effort against Dallas, Horn is now at the head of the class (1184 yards). He might just stay there, too, if Mr. Controversy sits for any length of time. Don't even think of sitting Horn as he's been on fire of late.

4. Any Indy receiver vs. BAL - Reggie and Marvin scored the touchdowns last week so Stokley is probably due for his points this week. Don't be cowed by the matchup with Baltimore, either. The Ravens are tough but they were lit up by Carson Palmer and the Bengals as recently as two weeks ago. Peyton Manning is no Carson Palmer.

5. Chad Johnson vs. BUF - Jon Kitna is no Carson Palmer either, but he's an experienced signal-caller who knows how to win ballgames. His favorite target during last year's playoff run? None other than this guy, the gold-toofed TD-maker we call "7-11." He won't be open ALL day but he should be open enough to do some damage against Buffalo's average back four. Of course, if he's not open, ya' gotta like the chances of….

6. T.J. Houshmandzadeh vs. BUF - …this guy being open. You probably scoffed at the recommendation last week but who's laughing now? Twelve catches and 145 yards later, he looks like a pretty decent #2 guy the rest of the way, whoever starts at QB. Stick him in there if you're short on options.

7. Torry Holt @ ARI - Chris Chandler had an atrocious day in Charlotte last week but you wouldn't have known it by looking at Torry's final numbers (six catches, 151 yards, and a score). Seems like I told you he might be worth a win or two in the postseason. Keep starting him, whoever lines up under center this weekend.

8. Javon Walker vs. JAX - Walker's production has trailed off of late but it's not fair to forget about him after last week's utterly forgettable performance (three catches, 26 yards). The conditions were abysmal, even for a rifle-armed QB like Favre. Expect Walker to bounce back this week against a Jags team that doesn't match up very well in the passing game.

9. Muhsin Muhammad @ ATL - Drew Bennett, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, and now Muhsin Muhammad. What in the name of #2 receivers is going on here? These guys should be posting modest numbers and catching an occasional touchdown strike. Instead, they're lighting up scoreboards and making a mess of my receiver rankings. For his part, Muhammad has looked the part of a #1 wideout since Week 8. He's a great start in the Georgia Dome this Saturday.

10. Jimmy Smith @ GB - Smith has the size and speed to give Green Bay's smallish corners trouble this weekend. Moreover, with Reggie Williams emerging on the other side, he could see plenty of single coverage. Green Bay better hope he doesn't get matchup up with the rooks, Ahmad Carroll and Joey Thomas, too often.

11. Andre Johnson @ CHI - He's been pretty inconsistent this year, more than likely a result of his QB's sporadic play. That will probably change in the future but I fear you'll hafta live with it for the rest of this season. Luckily for you, he's facing a Chicago bunch that doesn't defend the pass very well. Give him a look if you can't do better.

12. Rod Smith @ KC - It's probably a toss-up between him and Ash Lelie every week (Smith has scored five times, Lelie six) but at this time of year, you've gotta like the guy with more experience. He managed eight receptions for almost 100 yards last week and should have no trouble matching those numbers agianst KC's awful D this weekend. For that matter, you're probably OK starting both him AND his running mate.

13. Eddie Kennison vs. DEN - He's scored six times in his past five contests and is coming off a 67-yard, two-score performance last Monday night. That's pretty good considering he only caught two passes. He's always been a high-risk, high-reward guy so if you're rolling the dice against a stronger opponent, don't forget about him. He could help you steal a game you have no business winning.

14. Michael Clayton vs. NO - He and his QB are the unlikeliest of good fantasy tandems but you just don't mess with success at this point in the season. The ROY-to-be is coming off a nine-grab, 145-yard performance and should have fun roaming scot-free through New Orleans' secondary.

15. Darrell Jackson @ NYJ - His numbers have been largely lackluster this season but he's hitting his stride just in the nick of time, provided you stuck with him, that is. He's tallied 248 yards and two scores in his last two and should manage to find the endzone again this weekend, even against a stellar Jets D.

Grab A Helmet:

Derrick Mason @ OAK - He didn't let Drew Bennett steal ALL the glory Monday night…but almost. Though he only caught three balls for 22 yards, he did manage to snag a touchdown grab. He's listed as questionable at the moment so if you have healthier options, go with them.

Isaac Bruce @ ARI - He's fizzling at the most inopportune time for his owners, having caught only five balls for 45 yards the past two games. He at least has the benefit of facing a crappy Arizona group this weekend. If you haven't already given up on him, give him another look. He could surprise in the desert.

Clarence Moore @ IND - This is a momentous occasion, folks. To the best of my knowledge, I've NEVER recommended you start a Ravens receiver. I wouldn't do so in this case, either, but Moore possesses the size to give the Colts questionable and smallish secondary real problems. He's coming off a three-catch, two-TD performance and could score again in a game that will likely feature plenty of points (duh).

Hines Ward @ NYG - He was supposed to get his running mate, Mr. Burress, back this week but it doesn't appear that's going to happen now. That means Ward is the only real option in the passing game. Though Big Ben won't throw much, he'll likely be looking in Ward's direction when he does. Go ahead and start him.

Grab Some Wood:

Any Washington receiver @ SF - Bad.
Any Detroit receiver vs. MIN - Worse.
Any Browns receiver vs. SD - Worst.
Any NY Giants receiver vs. PIT - Unmentionable.

Best of luck, folks!