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Lotta big names on the sidelines this weekend, folks. If you’re looking to plug some holes or just trying to unearth that diamond in the rough, you’ve come to the right place. As always, if you have questions about those not mentioned or simply wish to shoot the you-know-what, feel free to e-mail me. I’m almost always able to respond by game time Sunday. ‘Til then, let’s take a look at the Week 10 recommendations…


Must Start: The Top 10

1. Peyton Manning v. HOU – If it wasn’t official after the spotless 7-0 start, it certainly is now: the Colts are prohibitive favorites to take home the Vince this season. I, like many, was skeptical. However, now that they’ve dispatched of perennial nemesis, New England, it’s on to bigger and better things…like a deep playoff run in the comfy confines of RCA Dome. Don’t bet against them, especially with Peyton picking things up of late (seven TD strikes in his past three).

2. Jake Delhomme v. NYJ – It’s anybody’s guess who the Colts will square off against at Ford Field come February, but my money’s on this guy and the suddenly resurgent Panthers. They play just enough defense. They convert in the red zone. They’ve been there before. Throw in a veteran signal-caller and a game-altering wideout and you have all the ingredients for a championship contender. Wait, that sounds like…

3. Donovan McNabb v. DAL - …the Eagles! Check that: DID sound like the Eagles. The sky might be falling in the City of Brotherly Love (oh, the irony!), but I’m not convinced we should be discounting their chances of getting back to the big game. After all, they made it to three consecutive NFC championship tilts without _____. Expect Don to put ‘em on his back again, starting this weekend against Dallas.

4. Tom Brady @ MIA – Not that we should totally write off Brady and the defending champs, either. They don’t play much defense and haven’t run the ball consistently thus far (the primary reasons they’re 4-4), but they’ve certainly been there before (multiple times) and are fortunate enough to play in a horse crap division. Not saying they’ll make it. Just saying there’s still a lot of football to be played.

5. Kerry Collins v. DEN – The Raiders were never really IN the playoff picture, despite an embarrassment of riches on offense. Too often betrayed by a takeaway-allergic defense, Collins and Co. have been forced to fend for themselves most of the time. He, at least, is doing his part, as he’s now on pace for career bests in QB rating, yards, and touchdowns…not to mention a career low in picks. Start him.

6. Eli Manning v. MIN – Speaking of embarrassing riches. Eli’s catching kudos for exponential progress this year, but what signal-caller wouldn’t improve with Barber, Burress, and Shockey playing alongside him? Winning means never having to apologize for your weapons, which means Manning Jr. should be a great play the rest of the way, starting this weekend against the horrible Minny D.

7. Matt Hasselbeck v. STL – If you’re not a believer in “rapport” or “chemistry,” consider this: the ‘Hawks haven’t lost since losing Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram in Week 5. Nobody would argue they’re better off with Joe Jurevicius as the #1 target, but…well, they are. Give Hasselbeck the start against a Rams squad he lit up a month ago (316 yards and two scores).

8. Marc Bulger @ SEA – Seattle’s opponent will finally be at full strength again as Bulger, Torry Holt, and Ike Bruce return to the St. Louis lineup. Lucky for them, they won’t hafta carry the offense as in year’s past. The reason? Steven Jackson. Another one? Coach Pass-Happy isn’t running the show anymore. Get him back in there but don’t expect 50+ passes and 300 yards. Those days appear to be over…thankfully.

9. Jake Plummer @ OAK – The ongoing saga in Philly has overshadowed a lot of good storylines this season but none more heart-warming (for Broncos fans, at least) than Plummer’s sudden maturation. The late bloomer has always had the talent but now seems to have the discipline required of Super Bowl-caliber QBs. His totals since Week 3? Eleven touchdowns. No picks. THAT, my friends, is discipline.

10. Brett Favre @ ATL – Favre called in “lethargic” this Wednesday, but we could have excused him if he were just plain “fed up” or “apathetic.” Injuries have decimated his once-proud Packers and I’m guessing retirement will sound like a pretty refreshing alternative come January. ‘Til then, keep starting him. He still chucks the best fastball in the biz and will post a few more stellar stat lines before he calls it quits.

Grab A Helmet:

Michael Vick v. GB – Michael Vick is one of my favorite players (or hadn’t you noticed?), but he’s staring at an 0-2 count after these two morsels. Strike one: he indicated he could actually play with _____ should the Philly star need a change of address next season. Strike two: he said he’s looking forward to the matchup with Brent (sic) Favre this Sunday. Respect your elders, young grasshopper, lest you be blown away by a chest-high heater.

Trent Green @ BUF – KC’s two-headed monster is down to one head now that Priest has been placed on IR. Logic would dictate Green’s value might be on the uptick as a consequence. He’s certainly been better of late (almost 300 yards/game in his last three), but it sure would be nice if he could throw one of those 350-yard, three-TD days up on the board. Maybe next week.

Byron Leftwich v. BAL – Did somebody say three-TD day? Hard to believe but he’s never done it. Even Kyle Boller and David Carr have turned THAT trick, though nobody would trade Leftwich for one of those clowns. What he lacks in prolificacy, he makes up for in boring old reliability, usually throwing for 200 yards and a score or two. Expect more of the same against Mr. Boller’s Ravens this Sunday.

Brad Johnson @ NYG – Heh? What did I tell you? The Bull can still sling it around a bit. It wasn’t exactly Culpepper-esque (136 yards and two scores) but then it wasn’t exactly…well, Culpepper-esque, either (no turnovers). If it’s boring old reliability you’re looking for, look no further. Don’t forget the G-Men are yielding almost 250 passing yards per contest.

Drew Bledsoe @ PHI – After a sizzling start, Bledsoe has cooled off of late, accounting for only three scores in his last three games…and six turnovers. He’ll need to be better down the stretch and I suspect he will be, though the schedule doesn’t get much easier. Give him a go against Philly’s overrated D (348 yards/game to date).

Grab A Clipboard:

David Carr @ IND – He certainly looks dashing in a double-breasted overcoat. Nevertheless, nine weeks into the season, the man GQ labeled a “rising star” is still 1-7 and still waiting on that first multiple-TD performance. Look on the bright side, ladies. The paltry stats and the unconscionable sack totals mean he’s one step closer to the runway. Sit him down against Indy’s ferocious pass rush.

Chris Simms v. WAS – Two words come to mind when thinking of Tampa’s young signal-caller: turnover machine. The yardage totals are nice (259 and 264 in two starts) but he still makes way too many mistakes and rarely makes the big throw when his squad needs it. If you wanna know why nobody’s mentioning “Bucs” and “playoffs” in the same sentence anymore….

Cody Pickett @ CHI – The pride of Chicken Dinner Road gets the nod for the Niners again this weekend, fresh off a 102-yard, one-pick performance in Week 9. Many more performances like that and he might just be able to secure a job as…

Charlie Batch v. CLE – …Ben Roethlisberger’s backup in Steel Town. Seriously, has a QB ever thrown for 65 yards, no TDs, and a pick…and still emerged victorious? Amazingly enough, he could pull the trick twice, as Coach Cowher will almost certainly ask him to do nothing more/nothing less this Sunday night against the Browns. Don’t even think about it, not even if your only alternative is…

Kyle Boller @ JAX - …this guy. The Ravens are actually excited to get Boller back, proof enough that all is not well in the Charm City. Some would argue he can’t possibly be worse than backup Anthony Wright. “Some” does not include yours truly. Steer clear unless you wanna be sitting at home come playoff time.

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