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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Steve Smith v. NYJ – Not to take away from the league’s most prolific wideout but what happened to all the stars? Randy is ailing, C.J. is sitting, Holt is recovering, and _____ is…don’t get me started. At any rate, Smith moves to the top of the heap and will likely stay there so long as he continues posting 100-yard days and scoring touchdowns. Mark him down for a similar outing this Sunday against the crummy Jets.

2. Plaxico Burress v. MIN – Plax hasn’t scored in a couple weeks but is still putting up good yardage (82 per game) and now faces a Vikings secondary minus one of its “top” corners, the absurdly overrated Fred Smoot. I liked the matchup before Mr. Smoot went down and like it even more now that he’s out. Start him.

3. Randy Moss v. DEN – Even a half-strength Randy stays in the top 5 this week with so many other names out of action. It’s clear he’s not healthy but that hasn’t stopped him from putting up points. His one and only grab last weekend went for a mere seven yards. Fortunately, it was also worth six. Give him a go as it looks like he’ll play.

4. Santana Moss @ TB – The other Moss has hit a dry spell of late, as well, failing to top 100 yards or score in two consecutive outings. That may not change this weekend against Tampa but the ‘Skins don’t have many other options in the passing game and neither do you. Stick with him as he’s bound to bust out soon.

5. Marvin Harrison v. HOU – Marvin’s a relative rarity these days, a big name who isn’t hurt, disgruntled, or struggling. In fact, struggling is the opposite of what he’s been doing lately, as his four TDs in the last three games clearly prove. Definitely start him against a Texans squad he got the best of in Week 7 (65 yards and a score).

6. Torry Holt @ SEA – Holt returns just in time to help the Rams stay in the playoff hunt and also gets to play with Isaac Bruce for the first time since Week 3. Hard to tell if the duo will need some time to get back in the flow but it certainly helps that the Seattle secondary is exceedingly banged up right now. Expect 75-100 yards and, if you’re lucky, a touch.

7. Larry Fitzgerald @ DET – He didn’t find the end zone last weekend but was clearly Kurt Warner’s favorite target, hauling in eight balls for 102 yards. With Anquan Boldin still out, he should have no trouble duplicating those numbers against a better-than-you-think Detroit secondary.

8. Joey Galloway v. WAS – At least Chris Simms knows enough to get the ball in Mr. Galloway’s hands most of the time (83 yards and a touch against Carolina last Sunday). Now, if he could just stop putting the ball in the OTHER guys’ hands. Give Galloway the nod against the ‘Skins this weekend as he should have no problem notching 75-100 yards again.

9. Jeremy Shockey v. MIN – The wide receiver pool is thin so we turn our attention to those other receivers, the bigger ones who occasionally put up receiver-type numbers. Indeed, Shockey’s been putting up receiver-type numbers all year (66 yards/game and five TDs) and has also, for the most part, stayed injury-free. In other words, so far, so good. Give him the start against Minnesota’s horrendously overmatched secondary.

10. Terry Glenn @ PHI – His totals have started to sag since a five-week explosion to start the season. Guess that’s what happens when opposing coordinators watch film and get tired of seeing #83 continually streaking down the sideline for long gainers. He’s still a threat to score on any play and if the Eagles lose track of him, could make another big splash on Monday night.

11. Donald Driver @ ATL – Driver is still kicking himself over the drop-turned-interception that, arguably, cost the Pack a game last weekend. Don’t worry, Don. You’re certainly not in danger of losing your job. That said, it sure would help if you could take the pressure off an already reeling offense by catching the ones thrown your way. Expect 75-100 yards and, please, PLEASE, a touchdown.

12. Rod Smith @ OAK – The Broncos offense is a well-oiled machine right now and nobody’s been more consistent (save for Jake, maybe) than the 11-year vet, Mr. Smith. He’s still got a great set of hands and is tough enough to go over the middle for those much-needed, chain-moving grabs. Start him against the Raiders, a team he’s scored more TDs against (nine) than any other.

13. Joe Jurevicius v. STL – He hasn’t been quite as productive as he was in the first meeting with the Rams (nine catches for 137 yards and a score) but has still proven valuable, tallying two touchdowns in his last three games. Not much has changed in St. Louis secondary since that game so there’s no reason to suspect Jurevicius will have a hard time posting good numbers in the Emerald City this Sunday. Start him.

14. Tony Gonzalez @ BUF – Another tight end we used to see regularly on this list has finally started to produce in ’05. ‘Bout freakin’ time, if you ask me. He’s simply too talented and too much of a mismatch to be putting up the kind of numbers he was putting up earlier in the season. In the last three games, he hasn’t been south of 67 yards, an encouraging sign and more than enough reason to play him in Week 10.

15. Brian Finneran v. GB – You thought I was kidding about the shallow talent pool? Actually, Finneran might be a decent start, anyway, especially with the Pack and its pint-sized corners coming to town. He’s coming off two consecutive 90-yard+ outings and even managed to find paydirt last weekend against the Fish.

Grab A Helmet:

Ernest Wilford v. BAL – Think maybe the Jags have found a complement for Jimmy Smith?…finally? He isn’t the biggest wideout they have (that would be Matt Jones) but he’s no pipsqueak at 6’4” and 223 pounds. That’s the kinda size that can cause opposing defenses headaches. Baltimore’s eleven is no exception, especially without the ball-hawking Ed Reed patrolling the secondary.

Eric Moulds v. KC – Moulds used to be considered gigantic by receiver standards but now is merely average in a league full of overgrown ball grabbers. Guy can still catch the rock, though, and do plenty with it once he does. He’s averaging almost seven receptions and over 70 yards per contest since Kelly Holcomb took over. Not too shabby for a wideout playing on a run-first club.

Antonio Chatman @ ATL – Chatman is one of the last of his breed, the starting wideout that DOESN’T stand six feet or greater. Of course, he wouldn’t be starting if it weren’t for a ridiculous spate of injuries in Titletown. Nevertheless, he’s developing into quite the little slot guy, catching everything thrown his way and even becoming a go-to option on third down. If you’re stuck this week at WR (and who isn’t?), give him a look.

Reggie Brown v. DAL – In other news, the Eagles will actually take the field this Monday night to play a real live football game. Filling in for the now departed #1 receiver will be Mr. Brown, a rook coming off his best game to date, a five-catch, 94-yard, one-TD performance in D.C. It’s unlikely the kid’ll be overly consistent in the early going but he’s certainly capable of excelling at this level. He won’t have much choice, really. The Birds need him.

Deion Branch @ MIA – Branch has put together a couple of nice games these past few weeks and now appears to be living up to his billing as Super Bowl MVP. This week, he draws a Miami secondary that is good but not great. He and the Pats don’t make a habit of losing multiple games in a row so you can expect a nice effort from the New Englanders this Sunday.

Grab Some Wood:

It was a REAL stretch coming up with twenty wideouts worth starting. Suffice it to say I think everyone else is pretty dubious. If you have specific questions about anyone in particular, please e-mail me. Be happy to chat about crappy wideouts with you. ;-)

Best of luck, folks!