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Fantasy Football Survivor Contest

Players picked must meet or exceed the fantasy points cutoff for their position to survive the week.
Fantasy Points Cutoff: QB = 20.0 FPts | RB = 11.0 FPts | WR = 9.0 FPts

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 5 Wk 6 Wk 7 Wk 8
bgallant17 Out WR M. Evans
bgallant17 #9 Out RB T. Gurley
bgallant17 #12 Out QB R. Wilson
WR J. Nelson
Bort Out QB R. Wilson
BRAD66 #5 Out QB T. Brady
BRAD66 #6 Out RB L. Bell
bronc25 Out QB T. Brady
Brooklynyankee #4 Out WR J. Nelson
browngiant Out QB M. Stafford
cah291 #3 Out RB C. Hyde
cah291 #4 Out WR M. Evans
CameronCrazieDmb #2 Out WR J. Nelson
Cash_Hounds Out RB L. Bell
cerow01 #4 Out QB R. Wilson
chidawg27 Out RB L. McCoy
Cigz68 Out WR J. Nelson
coachglen #5 Out QB B. Roethlisberger
coachglen #11 Out RB C. Hyde
Cockrobin Out WR J. Nelson
Cockrobin #2 Out RB L. Bell
Cockrobin #3 Out RB L. McCoy
Couchtater #4 Out RB L. McCoy
crentzy45 Out QB T. Brady
crentzy45 #3 Out QB E. Manning
Crodinsky #2 Out WR M. Evans
cunninorton #3 Out RB A. Morris
Dalan #4 Out QB T. Brady
darmas Out WR J. Nelson
darmas #9 Out QB E. Manning
Dashow28 #2 Out QB T. Brady
RB C. Hyde
Donnieboy11 #2 Out RB C. Hyde
donx71 Out WR J. Nelson
dope Out QB T. Taylor
RB C. Hyde
dope #2 Out RB J. Ajayi
dope #4 Out RB L. McCoy
dope #5 Out RB T. Gurley
dope #10 Out QB T. Taylor
DoxGator #4 Out WR M. Evans
dpaa4 Out RB T. Gurley
dpaa4 #3 Out QB T. Brady
dumbassmax2001 #5 Out RB J. Ajayi
dziadus_2 #2 Out WR J. Nelson
dziadus_2 #3 Out RB L. McCoy
fantasy_star15 #2 Out RB B. Powell
fdemunda Out RB J. Ajayi
Fightingscot #2 Out WR J. Nelson
Fightingscot #3 Out QB T. Brady
RB L. McCoy
frekkles00 Out QB T. Brady
froggydog Out QB M. Stafford
gcane1216 Out QB E. Manning
GMEN121 #4 Out RB L. Bell
GreatPreat Out QB R. Wilson
WR J. Nelson
gusdog13 #4 Out WR J. Nelson
hackworthy Out WR J. Nelson
hail2daking #3 Out QB R. Wilson
Hipposrayzer Out WR J. Nelson
Hipposrayzer #4 Out RB L. Bell
ibdraftin #3 Out RB L. Bell
iceman40 #4 Out QB E. Manning
irione Out QB R. Wilson
jakewgeorge #3 Out QB M. Stafford
jakewgeorge #4 Out WR J. Nelson
jakewgeorge #5 Out RB C. Hyde
jeff160 Out RB B. Powell
Jeff24 Out WR J. Nelson
jeffg4 Out RB L. Bell
jeffg4 #4 Out RB C. Hyde
jewart17 #3 Out QB B. Roethlisberger
jhartz177 Out RB L. Bell
jhartz177 #3 Out QB T. Brady
jhoedel #2 Out QB E. Manning
jhoedel #5 Out WR J. Nelson
jjr157 Out QB E. Manning
JoeBuckYourself Out QB M. Stafford
WR J. Nelson
joehoernig #2 Out RB T. Gurley Out QB C. Palmer
WR L. Fitzgerald #2 Out RB C. Hyde
Johnson2 Out RB L. Bell
Johnson2 #2 Out QB T. Brady
Johnzoeb Out QB B. Roethlisberger
jtmagnus87 Out RB B. Powell
kiedrok88 #4 Out RB L. McCoy
KingObama #2 Out WR J. Nelson
Kittenmittons Out RB T. Gurley
kmccrary Out QB T. Brady
KWhawkeye Out QB M. Stafford
Lbobbyb5 #3 Out WR J. Nelson
LewyBoyz #2 Out QB T. Brady
Loonydan42 Out RB L. Murray
lospolloshermanos Out QB E. Manning
Lovehandles_2 #3 Out RB B. Powell
MANNING1824 Out WR J. Nelson
markm2187 #3 Out QB E. Manning
matthew.walters Out WR M. Evans
mattmartin12 #3 Out WR S. Diggs
Mcweed #2 Out QB T. Taylor
Mensaball #9 Out RB L. Bell
Mensaball #12 Out RB L. Bell
Mensaball #23 Out QB T. Brady
Ming Out QB M. Stafford