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Fantasy Football Survivor Contest

Players picked must meet or exceed the fantasy points cutoff for their position to survive the week.
Fantasy Points Cutoff: QB = 20.0 FPts | RB = 11.0 FPts | WR = 8.0 FPts

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 5 Wk 6 Wk 7 Wk 8
texaskt Out RB T. Gurley
RB C. McCaffrey
The_Hydra #2 Out QB M. Ryan
RB T. Gurley
RB C. McCaffrey
thrillfan22 Out QB A. Rodgers
RB A. Jones
QB A. Smith
thrillfan22 #4 Out QB A. Rodgers
QB A. Smith
timbarch Out QB M. Ryan
RB T. Gurley
WR M. Thomas
RB C. McCaffrey
tommyled Out QB A. Smith
QB A. Dalton
trini1226 #3 Out RB M. Gordon
RB C. McCaffrey
TristanWulf #4 Out RB M. Gordon
RB T. Yeldon
wedgemaster #5 Out RB T. Gurley
RB J. White
wedgemaster #8 Out RB S. Barkley
RB J. White
willie69 Out QB C. Wentz
QB J. Goff
willie69 #3 Out RB K. Hunt
RB C. McCaffrey
wlaschober #2 Out QB D. Watson
QB A. Dalton
xslr #3 Out QB B. Roethlisberger
QB J. Goff
aaronbodzin #3 Out RB E. Elliott
aclutz17 Out QB M. Stafford
WR G. Tate
andy77177 #3 Out RB E. Elliott
ardak13 Out WR M. Thomas
bbullen51 #2 Out QB M. Ryan
bcrane72 #3 Out QB M. Ryan
BenNice Out QB M. Ryan
bgallant17 #2 Out RB E. Elliott
bgallant17 #4 Out QB M. Ryan
bgallant17 #11 Out RB A. Kamara
WR J. Jones
billsfan238311 Out QB M. Ryan
bradydanger #2 Out RB A. Jones
Brandond10 #2 Out WR J. Jones
BromosDad #2 Out RB D. Lewis
Brooklynyankee Out RB E. Elliott
brooksml #3 Out RB A. Kamara
browngiant #2 Out QB J. Flacco
BRUCIEF10 Out QB K. Cousins
BRUCIEF10 #3 Out QB M. Ryan
CameronCrazieDmb Out QB A. Dalton
cashncharge #2 Out WR A. Hurns
Ccp007 #2 Out WR C. Ridley
cerow01 #3 Out RB E. Elliott
coachm1999 #4 Out RB A. Jones
Cockrobin Out RB E. Elliott
Cockrobin #4 Out QB M. Stafford
Conor0427 #4 Out RB A. Jones
Crodinsky Out QB M. Stafford
cunninorton #2 Out QB M. Stafford
Damion57 #3 Out WR A. Cooper
Damion57 #4 Out RB E. Elliott
Dashow28 #2 Out RB A. Peterson
dbgolfpro #2 Out QB M. Stafford
det1krr Out QB M. Ryan
dope #7 Out WR M. Thomas
DrEvil Out QB M. Ryan
erothstein Out QB M. Ryan
WR J. Jones
fantasy_star15 #3 Out WR A. Hurns
fdemunda #3 Out QB M. Ryan
G.O.A.T #2 Out RB E. Elliott
Garden1 Out WR J. Jones
Gators24 #3 Out QB A. Dalton
GMEN121 #2 Out RB E. Elliott
gpetretti #3 Out QB M. Ryan
RB E. Elliott
Grambus12345 #2 Out QB M. Stafford
Grambus12345 #4 Out RB T. Montgomery
grimreaper20 #4 Out WR J. Jones
gsekelsky #4 Out WR J. Jones
gusdog13 Out RB E. Elliott
gusdog13 #4 Out RB A. Kamara
gwalker33 #4 Out RB E. Elliott
IronRanger #4 Out QB K. Cousins
isuckatthisgame Out RB A. Jones
jakewgeorge #2 Out WR J. Jones
jdphx Out QB D. Carr
jeffg4 #3 Out QB K. Cousins
jhartz177 Out RB A. Kamara
jhartz177 #2 Out QB M. Mariota
jhartz177 #4 Out RB D. Cook
jhoedel #3 Out RB E. Elliott
jhoedel #11 Out QB M. Ryan
Johnson2 #3 Out RB A. Kamara
Johnson2 #4 Out RB A. Peterson
Kinger628 #3 Out RB E. Elliott
Klapoint84 #7 Out WR M. Thomas
KWhawkeye #4 Out RB J. Ajayi
lewiston95 #3 Out RB A. Peterson
Lightning380 Out RB A. Jones
Lightning380 #12 Out RB A. Kamara
macphee187 Out WR W. Snead
macphee187 #12 Out QB M. Ryan
WR J. Brown
madwaxx #2 Out QB M. Stafford
madwaxx #3 Out WR M. Jones
mboneill #3 Out QB M. Ryan
meatman02 #11 Out RB A. Kamara
Mensaball #15 Out WR J. Jones
mgminer Out WR G. Tate
Mike FF Today Out QB M. Stafford
mikeb572 #2 Out WR M. Thomas
Minecar #3 Out QB M. Ryan
mjwilson36 Out RB A. Kamara
mrregis1 Out QB M. Ryan
MSwiston Out RB E. Elliott
NewnanFalcon #3 Out RB A. Kamara
WR C. Ridley
NFA #2 Out QB M. Ryan
NFA #3 Out QB A. Dalton