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2006 Round 4

 Pick  Team  Pos  Player  College Note
4.01  Texans TE  Owen Daniels  Wisconsin   
4.02  Eagles OL  Max Jean-Gilles  Georgia  from NO; trade 2006 4.11 and DT Hollis Thomas
4.03  49ers RB  Michael Robinson  Penn State   
4.04  Raiders LB  Darnell Bing  Southern California   
4.05  Titans DB  Calvin Lowry  Penn State   
4.06  Jets QB  Brad Smith  Missouri   
4.07  Packers WR  Cory Rodgers  Texas Christian   
4.08  Bills DB  Ko Simpson  South Carolina   
4.09  Patriots TE  Garrett Mills  Tulsa  from DET
4.10  Cardinals DL  Gabriel Watson  Michigan   
4.11  Saints OL  Jahri Evans  Bloomsburg  from PHI; trade 2006 4.02, also received DT Hollis Thomas
4.12  Eagles WR  Jason Avant  Michigan  from GB; trade 2006 4.18, 6.16 (through STL; trade 2006 3.29, also received 6.14)
4.13  Browns LB  Leon Williams  Miami   
4.14  Ravens WR  Demetrius Williams  Oregon   
4.15  Browns OL  Isaac Sowells  Indiana  from Atlanta
4.16  Rams DL  Victor Adeyanju  Indiana  from SD; trade TE Brandon Manumaleuna
4.17  Dolphins OL  Joe Toledo  Washington   
4.18  Packers DB  Will Blackmon  Boston College  from PHI; trade 2006 4.12, also received 6.16
4.19  Titans LB  Stephen Tulloch  North Carolina State  from PHI; trade 2006 2.07, also received 2.13
4.20  Jets RB  Leon Washington  Florida State  from KC
4.21  Patriots K  Stephen Gostkowski  Memphis   
4.22  Broncos WR  Brandon Marshall    from WAS; trade 2005 1.25 used to select QB Jason Campbell plus rec'd 2005 3.12 and 2006 1st (1.22)
4.23  Bears LB  Jamar Williams  Arizona State   
4.24  Panthers DB  Nate Salley  Ohio State   
4.25  Buccaneers DB  Alan Zemaitis  Penn State   
4.26  Bengals DL  Domata Peko  Michigan State   
4.27  Giants DL  Barry Cofield  Northwestern   
4.28  Cowboys WR  Skyler Green  Louisiana State  from JAX; trade 2006 3.16, also received 3.28
4.29  Broncos LB  Elvis Dumervil  Louisville   
4.30  Vikings DL  Ray Edwards  Purdue  from PHI; trade 2006 4.18, 6.16, also received G Artis Hicks (from IND)
4.31  Seahawks OL  Rob Sims  Ohio State   
4.32  Giants OL  Guy Whimper  East Carolina  from PIT; trade 2006 1.25, also received 1.32, and 3.32
4.33  Broncos WR  Domenik Hixon  Akron  compensatory pick
4.34  Steelers OL  Willie Colon  Hofstra  compensatory pick
4.35  Ravens RB  P.J. Daniels  Georgia Tech  compensatory pick
4.36  Steelers DL  Orien Harris  Miami  compensatory pick