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Name: CJ Englander
Age: 46 (way too old to be involved in this)
Profession: Attorney
Obsession: I believe it is a Men’s cologne or a woman’s perfume – did I get this question right?
First Book Read: I am going to discount the fact that the first book I read was any one of 100’s including Cat in the Hat, Mouse and the Motorcycle, the Phantom Tollbooth or Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator and leave this one to true literature. Big fan of Steinbeck and the Grapes of Wrath as my leading book of the millennium. I’m pretty sure that if a player named Joad ever makes the pro ranks, I will be drafting him.

Favorite Players: Defense: S.Merriman (only because I can’t remember if its Shaun or Shawn); Dick Butkus; Alan Page; Joe Greene, Lester Hayes, Ronnie Lott and Howie Long (leaving a whole lot of players I admired off for the sake of brevity).

Offense: I am not a Raider fan, but…..Marcus Allen and Bo Jackson lead the list, Gayle Sayers and LT2 (I am a Charger fan).

Latest Accomplishment: I am always fond of my greatest accomplishment which is that I am still breathing.

Fantasy Football Resume: I am not sure that having a fantasy football resume on my resume is good for my resume.
  • Commissioned a league for 5 years.
  • Numerous championships and/or appearances in championships (in legitimate competitive leagues – but not the biggies). I cannot remember the last time I missed the playoffs. Thanks for allowing me to jinx myself.
  • Involved in Fantasy Football since approximately 1999.
  • This probably does not need to be said but I refuse to participate in Yahoo leagues.
  • Not a big stat geek. My Attention Deficit Disorder does not permit me to be the Rainman of stats. If someone tells me that a running back runs upright with the ball, all that means to me is that he is evolved.
Additional Football Geekism
  • I have attended 2 Super Bowls, 4 conference championship games and approximately 100 pro football games in my life (living in Los Angeles really messes with live attendance, unless you consider USC a pro team, in which case we can double my attendance numbers).
  • Love to see games in different locations and have been to many stadiums including virtually every AFC West and NFC West stadium, except Seattle and Arrowhead (tears in my eyes on this one).
  • When I was a little kid, Rams Fearsome Four member Rosie Grier (yeah the same guy who O.J. didn’t confess to) turned me on to needlepoint. That lasted all of two days.

Favorite Part of Fantasy Football: Getting in the right league where the participants are passionate but not overzealously serious about fantasy football.

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