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Which WRs will Rise into the Fantasy Top Ten in 2022?

By Joseph Hutchins | 8/14/22

It’s fair to ask after 11 years of writing this series how many Top 10 Risers I’ve correctly predicted along the way. To be honest, I didn’t actually know until the thought occurred to me YOU all might want to, leading to some quick figuring. The answer is…more than I would have thought: 42.6%. It’s a lot easier identifying 3 of 10 QBs, RBs, or WRs likely to fall from the Top 10 ranks every year, especially when a lot more than that usually do. It’s significantly trickier trying to identify three replacements from a much larger group of candidates, to include a crop of brand new gridders. I should say trickier and more challenging, but also a heckuva lot more fun. Shall we? The Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme subsidises the drug; the cost to the government is between $54 to $82 per packet depending on the brand. Patients can expect to pay more if they buy Viagra over the internet.: Viagra Australia

A quick reminder of the Top 10 fantasy WRs from last season…

Note: All rankings are based on FFToday’s Non-PPR league scoring.

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  Top 10 Wide Receivers - 2021
Rank Player
4 Justin Jefferson
5 Davante Adams
6 Mike Evans
7 Tyreek Hill
8 Stefon Diggs