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Fantasy Football Contest

Play 3 And Out!

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 $12.95 per entry.

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 Here's How It Works... 

    Pick 1 QB, 1 RB and 1 WR each week
    If your player(s) score the required fantasy points for their position, you advance
    If your player(s) fail to score the fantasy points, you are out at that position
    You cannot pick the same player twice
    If you are eliminated at all 3 positions, you are out of the contest
    Last person still standing - our survivor - is the Champ!
    Here are the results from our 2023 3 and Out! Contest

    $12.95 per entry. Draft Buddy buyers get $2 off. Not a DB customer? Become one now!
    Buy 3 entries and get a 4th FREE!
    Deadline To Join: Sunday kickoff of Week 1, September 8th at 1:00 pm ET

Rules / Scoring
  1. Beginning Week 1 of the NFL season, pick 1 QB, 1 RB and 1 WR. To survive the week, players must meet or exceed the fantasy points required for their position. Scoring will be full PPR. Here are the cutoffs players need to hit:

     Position   Fantasy Points Required   Example Stat Line Needed To Survive
    QB 20.0  280 yds passing, 1 TD; 20 yds rush
    RB 13.0  80 yds rush, 2 receptions, 30 yds receiving
    WR 12.0  3 receptions, 30 yds receiving, 1 TD

    The PPR scoring system (including negative yardage) is as follows:

     Stat  Fantasy Points Awarded 
    Passing yards 0.05 per yard
    Passing TD 4.00 per TD
    Rushing yards 0.10 per yard
    Rushing TD 6.00 per TD
    Receptions 1.00 per reception
    Receiving yards 0.10 per yard
    Receiving TD 6.00 per TD
    Passing, rushing or receiving 2-point conversion  2.00 per convert

  2. If a player you picked meets or exceeds his fantasy points cutoff, based on the scoring system, then you survive at that position to the next week to pick another player. If a player you picked does not meet or exceed his fantasy points cutoff, then you are out at that position for future weeks.

  3. You continue to survive as long as you have at least 1 position alive. If you lose all 3 positions, then you are out of the contest.

  4. You cannot pick the same player twice during the NFL regular season.

  5. The last person in the contest still alive after all others have been eliminated, our Survivor, is the winner.

    If necessary, the contest will run the entire NFL regular season and through the NFL playoffs from Wild-Card Weekend to the Super Bowl. If the contest extends into the NFL playoffs, then the remaining contestants can pick a player they selected during the regular season, but, the same player cannot be picked twice during the NFL playoffs.

  6. The contest will continue as long as there are entries still alive or until the contest's final week, after the Super Bowl, whichever comes first and will not last longer than 22 weeks.

    The contest must run at least 10 weeks in order to become official and for prizes to be paid out. If the for any reason, the NFL season gets canceled and doesn't complete 10 weeks, the contest will carry over into next season.

  7. Weekly Pick Deadline: Each week of the NFL season the final deadline for making your pick is kickoff of the first game on Sunday. The exact time is usually 1:00 pm Eastern. This deadline applies to all remaining games for the week, including late Sunday and Monday night games.

    In weeks with early games scheduled for a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, players in these games can be selected but picks must be submitted before kickoff of the first game on that day.

    These deadlines will be strictly enforced! There will be no exceptions for picks not being submitted on time.

    No picks for any games can be submitted once games have started for the day. Any pick submitted for a player after that player's game has started will be an invalid pick. The system will lock out all submissions until it is reset after the game and pick results have been updated.

Important Points

Default Pick

If no pick is submitted prior to the deadline, then a default pick will be assigned to you. The default pick will be the first player on the entry form for that week at each position, sorted alphabetically in ascending order by First Name, Last Name and Team Abbreviation that you have not already selected.

NOTE: Eligible players for the the Default pick will come from games on Sunday and Monday only! No players from Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday games will be eligible to be a Default pick.

Alternate Pick Submission

If you are having difficulty submitting your picks online, then send the pick by email to Make sure to clearly state your username, entry number, week of the contest and picks. The email must be received time stamped prior to the deadline and from the email account associated with your username. We take no responsibility for email being delayed past the deadline or not being delivered. Everyone should use the online system to make their picks and only send an email in the case of an emergency.

Tie Breakers

If the contest extends into the playoffs, and since it is possible to run out of available players to select, the following tie breakers exist:

  • A contestant that survives a playoff week but does not have any players left to pick from is deemed to have survived further than a contestant that does not survive that last playoff week.

  • A contestant who picks a player but loses in a playoff week is deemed to have survived further than a contestant that had no players to pick from at the start of that playoff week.

  • If the contest extends through the regular season and playoffs and there is still more than one contestant alive, then the following tie breaker exists:

  • A contestant that survives to the end of the contest and has more positions still alive than other contestants who survived to the end, will be deemed to have survived further in the contest than contestants with fewer positions still alive.

  • Prizes

    The last entry standing at any position in the contest will win $4000. $1000 will go to the last entry standing at each of the remaining two positions. For example, if our grand prize winner wins the contest with only a QB remaining, then the prize payouts would be...

  • Grand Prize Winner - $4000
  • Last Entry Standing at RB - $1000
  • Last Entry Standing at WR - $1000

    Multiple Winners

    If more than one person is still alive at the end of the contest, then the prize is divided equally amongst the winners.

    Restricted States

    Residents of Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Vermont, Washington and Ontario, Canada are restricted from entering the contest due to legal restrictions in these jurisdictions.


    All taxes associated with the receipt or uses of any prize are the sole responsibility of the winner. A 30% U.S. income tax withholding will be applied to any non-U.S. prize winners. No winnings will be released until sufficient documentation is received from the winner.

    Terms & Legal Restrictions

    By joining the 3 And Out! Fantasy Survivor Contest you accept these Terms & Legal Restrictions.