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Injury Todd Gurley speaks on knee issues
"Once the season comes, you gonna see what happens"
By: Mike Krueger | Jul 10 2019, 8:15 am

Los Angeles Rams
Any discussion about the Los Angeles Rams' 2019 outlook starts with a question about Todd Gurley's knee. "It's good, man. It's good," Gurley said of his knee. "I'm just like, hey, we're going to find out in training camp, you know? Once training camp comes, you've got the preseason, but you don't have a lot in preseason. I know it's always been a lot of talk going on this whole offseason, so it's just like, hey, it's the offseason. That's what everything is supposed to be about: speculation and reporting. Once the season comes, you gonna see what happens." (

FFToday's Take: Gurley didn't participate in the off-season program and the Rams have a plan for managing his reps during camp. The Rams have indicated by their actions during the off-season that Gurley may share more of the workload in 2019 than he has in the past. That being said, he's still RB1 worthy unless we learn his knee issue is more severe than anticipated.