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The Shot Caller's Report - WRs
Your Weekly Guide To Fantasy Lineups: Week 8
Positions: QBs | RBs | WRs

Bye Weeks:
Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Indianapolis, San Diego, Tennessee

Grab a Helmet

DeSean Jackson v. NYG: So maybe Chip Kelly’s offense wasn’t QUITE ready for primetime. I’m willing to admit, at the very least, that it’s not guaranteed to be successful with just any assortment of players and will clearly need the right bodies to reach its full potential. Whatever the Eagles lack along the lines or under center, however, Jackson is definitely the right body at wide receiver. His speed and overall elusiveness is ideal for the spread scheme and the numbers bear this out. Despite one sub-par game (6.2 points in Week 3) and two virtual no-shows (55 total yards in Weeks 4 and 7), he’s still the fourth most valuable wideout in the league through seven weeks. Bear in mind he’s also been forced to work with two very different quarterbacks and is really the only target opponents must game plan against. Live with the ups and downs and keep starting Jackson. He’s a potential 15+ fantasy points every time he steps on the field...

Jordy Nelson

Nelson: Rodgers' Number 1 target.

Jordy Nelson or Jarrett Boykin @ MIN: ...So’s Nelson and maybe even Boykin so long as he’s starting. Very few quarterbacks or teams can absorb the loss of three major targets, but Aaron Rodgers is one of those quarterbacks and Green Bay is apparently one of those teams. The Pack entered last weekend’s tilt with the Browns minus Randall Cobb and James Jones and then, to add injury to injury, lost Jermichael Finley in the fourth quarter after a scary collision with Browns’ DB Tashaun Gipson. Rodgers’ final numbers? 260 yards on 25-of-36 passing and three TD strikes. Just another day at the office for one of the game’s best, it seems. Nelson was solid if unspectacular (42 yards and a score) while Boykin was both solid AND spectacular (103 yards and a score). Expect good things from both men come Sunday night in the Metrodome.

Cole Beasley @ DET: Marshall, Wayne, Hilton, Johnson (Andre), Hopkins, Allen (Keenan) and Smith (Torrey). That’s the short list of start-worthy wideouts who will be sitting on the sidelines this coming weekend, meaning you might be looking way off the beaten path to find some points at the position. If so, take a look at Beasley, one of the stranger providers of late. He’s an undersized, undrafted free agent who played for June Jones at SMU and he’s somehow managed to carve out a significant role in a Dallas passing game that features the elite Dez Bryant, the solid Miles Austin, and a great up-and-comer, Terrance Williams. In his past three contests, Beasley has garnered 16 targets, 14 of which he’s snagged to the tune of 144 yards and a score. That’s almost seven points per contest, not bad for a guy who probably went undrafted in every single fantasy league in existence back in August.

Grab Some Wood

Kenbrell Thompkins v. MIA: Tom Brady’s surprise favorite target in the early going has seen his production taper off considerably the last several weeks, culminating in easily his worst performance of the 2013 campaign, a two-catch, 16-yard effort against the Jets last Sunday. That’s the second 1.6-point outing Thompkins has recorded in the past three weeks and was probably a direct result of Rob Gronkowski returning to the Patriots’ fold. We can’t completely write the kid off, of course. He commanded so much attention in the beginning because he ran good routes and possessed some real ability. Nevertheless, he seems to be a less of a focus with Gronk back on staff and has even (apparently) fallen behind fellow rook, Aaron Dobson, in the New England WR pecking order. Wait until he shows renewed signs of life before taking a chance on the Patriots’ young pass-grabber.

Mike Wallace @ NE: At least Thompkins has the youth excuse to explain away his uninspiring production the last several weeks. What’s Wallace’s excuse? I was casually scanning the FF Today wide receiver rankings recently and was shocked to discover the former Steeler speed-burner is ranked only 50th at the position in total points. 50th as in the very last guy on the first page. More shocking still were some of the names listed above him: Robert Woods, Stevie Johnson, Jeremy Kerley (!), Brandon LaFell (!!), Marvin Jones (!!!), Brian Hartline, and Brandon Gibson (!!!!). These last two, of course, are Wallace’s teammates in Miami. I wonder how much longer the Dolphins’ brain trust is gonna be able to justify Wallace’s multi-million dollar deal when he’s the third most productive pass-catcher on the squad. Whoops, make that the fourth most. Even Charles Clay has scored more points this season.

Sidney Rice @ STL: At least Wallace shows up on the first page! Finding Rice requires a “Next Page” mouse click. Once you get there, prepare to be unimpressed. Save for a 79-yard, two-touchdown performance in the Week 3 win over Jacksonville (Jacksonville!), Rice has managed just one other double-digit outing this season, an 11-point effort in his very last game, the Week 7 win over Arizona last Thursday night. The Hawks are a fairly run-heavy team, I’m aware, but they paid Rice a bunch of money in 2011 to be the go-to guy in the passing game. So far in 2013, he’s not even the second fiddle. Both Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin have outscored him and Rice even has the benefit of having scored more touchdowns than either teammate. If you like gambling, plug him in against St. Louis on Monday night. If you need a sure thing, look elsewhere.
Good luck, folks!