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Regular Season, Updated: 9/2/14
Change Log: 9/2

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 Derek Anderson, CAR (Bye: 12)
Height: 6’6”   Weight: 235   DOB: 1983-06-15   Age: 31
College: Oregon State   Draft: 2005 Round 6 (39)   Experience: 9
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2011CAR20 0 0 0 0 2 -2 0 -0.2 -0.1
2012CAR24 4 58 0 0 0 0 0 2.9 1.5
2013CAR30 0 0 0 0 5 0 0 0.0 0.0
2014 (Projected)CAR 3 4 31 0 0 0 0 0 1.6  

 Blake Bortles, JAC (Bye: 11)
Height: 6’5”   Weight: 232   DOB: 1991-12-16   Age: 23
College: Central Florida   Draft: 2014 Round 1 (3)   Experience: R
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2014 (Projected)JAC 97 164 1,129 6 6 24 75 0 88.0  

Outlook: The first quarterback off the board in the 2014 draft, Blake Bortles is the future of the Jaguars. Several teams liked his strong arm and decision-making but his natural ability to elude defenders under pressure made him look more NFL-ready than others in his class. Jacksonville has set up a great environment for Bortles to thrive so long as the infusion of younger talent develops under head coach Gus Bradley. It may take another year or two, however, before the fantasy promise translates into production on the field. Chad Henne has proven to be a capable signal caller and barring injury, he should lead the Jags offense into the middle of the season while the rookie works on his craft. Bortles will likely have more value toward the middle to end of the regular season if Henne doesn't find enough W's. Keep him in mind as a midseason upside pickup.

 Tom Brady, NE (Bye: 10)
Height: 6’4”   Weight: 225   DOB: 1977-08-03   Age: 37
College: Michigan   Draft: 2000 Round 6 (33)   Experience: 13
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2011NE16401 611 5,239 39 12 43 109 3 446.9 27.9
2012NE16401 637 4,827 34 8 23 32 4 404.6 25.3
2013NE16380 628 4,343 25 11 33 18 0 319.0 19.9
2014 (Projected)NE 388 625 4,441 28 12 13 22 0 336.3  

Outlook: From a fantasy football perspective, 2013 was Tom Brady's worst season since the era when he was known as a “game manager.” He finished as QB12 in the final rankings, however, there were 16 better quarterbacks, including Josh McCown, Alex Smith and Sam Bradford, based off of fantasy points per game. It's easy to blame his decline solely on the fact that he was without his top weapon Rob Gronkowski for most of the season and was forced to lean on mostly young and inexperienced pass catchers. Or maybe the 36-year-old veteran is facing his football mortality. Brady had his lowest yardage and touchdown totals since 2006 and struggled with his deep passing and general accuracy as well. To his credit, Brady spent time this offseason working with private quarterback coach Tom House to correct the accuracy and deep ball issues that plagued him last season. Combine that offseason work with a healthy Gronkowski and Danny Amendola, and the expected growth of Aaron Dobson, then a bounce-back season isn't out of the question. Brady will be 37, however, to start the season and we all know that Father Time is undefeated. Let one of your league-mates reach for Tommy Boy based on his name recognition, and grab better value at the position a few rounds later.

Comment: Brady's fantasy value rises and falls with a healthy or unhealthy Gronkowksi. ~ Mike Krueger

 Drew Brees, NO (Bye: 6)
Height: 6’0”   Weight: 209   DOB: 1979-01-15   Age: 36
College: Purdue   Draft: 2001 Round 2 (1)   Experience: 12
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2011NO16468 657 5,476 46 14 21 86 1 472.4 29.5
2012NO16422 670 5,177 43 19 15 5 1 437.4 27.3
2013NO16446 650 5,162 39 12 34 54 3 437.5 27.3
2014 (Projected)NO 422 639 4,988 40 13 19 39 0 413.3  

Outlook: Since Drew Brees and head coach Sean Payton came to New Orleans in 2006, the Saints offense has ranked in the top four of the NFL in yards per game every season. Hitching your wagon to Brees might come with a premium, but he rarely disappoints his fantasy owners. A steady veteran, Brees connected on 15 passes of 40+ yards and eclipsed 300 passing yards in 11 of 16 contests during the 2013 regular season en route to his third straight year with over 5,000 yards. He even found a way to decrease his interception total from the previous year. The only downside was the increase in games without multiple touchdown passes. After failing to throw for at least two scores only three times during the 2012 regular season, Brees amassed five such games a year ago. The loss of Darren Sproles and Lance Moore will certainly have an impact on the Saints signal caller but not enough to push him out of the top-five fantasy quarterbacks.

 Teddy Bridgewater, MIN (Bye: 10)
Height: 6’2”   Weight: 214   DOB: 1992-11-10   Age: 22
College: Louisville   Draft: 2014 Round 1 (32)   Experience: R
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2014 (Projected)MIN 111 188 1,295 6 7 33 89 0 97.7  

 Jason Campbell, CIN (Bye: 4)
Height: 6’5”   Weight: 230   DOB: 1981-12-31   Age: 33
College: Auburn   Draft: 2005 Round 1 (25)   Experience: 8
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2011OAK6100 165 1,170 6 4 18 60 2 100.5 16.8
2012CHI532 51 265 2 2 7 28 0 24.1 4.8
2013CLE9180 317 2,015 11 8 13 107 0 155.5 17.3
2014 (Projected)CIN 27 46 313 1 1 1 4 0 20.1  

 Derek Carr, OAK (Bye: 5)
Height: 6’2”   Weight: 214   DOB: 1991-03-28   Age: 24
College: Fresno State   Draft: 2014 Round 2 (4)   Experience: R
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2014 (Projected)OAK 246 397 2,856 17 15 24 81 0 218.9  

 Matt Cassel, MIN (Bye: 10)
Height: 6’4”   Weight: 230   DOB: 1982-05-17   Age: 33
College: -   Draft: 2005 Round 7 (16)   Experience: 8
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2011KC9160 269 1,713 10 9 25 99 0 135.6 15.1
2012KC9161 277 1,796 6 12 27 145 1 134.3 14.9
2013MIN9153 254 1,807 11 9 18 57 1 146.1 16.2
2014 (Projected)MIN 181 306 2,145 15 12 26 81 0 175.4  

Outlook: There is perhaps no more schizophrenic position in the NFL than quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. Since 2000, the Vikings have had a whopping 15 different players make a start at quarterback. 2013 was no different, as three players, Matt Cassel, Christian Ponder and Josh Freeman took rides on the quarterback merry-go-round. The result? An ugly 6-10 record, an 18-19 touchdown-to-interception ratio and a yet another attempt at a long-term answer by drafting Teddy Bridgewater late in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Because there is a great chance that more than one quarterback will be under center again in 2014, until one guy emerges by playing well and winning, this is a fantasy situation to avoid. But watch closely, as there are a few reasons why the quarterback position in Minnesota won't be a total black hole and may actually provide some solid QB2 possibilities.

With the re-signing of Cassel and the drafting of Bridgewater, the Vikings have seemed to move on from their last first-round quarterback, Ponder. Despite starting 16 games in 2012 and “leading” his team to the playoffs, Ponder has neither shown the physical tools or technical savvy to be anything more than a decent back-up. With Ponder relegated to No. 3 duties or perhaps off the team altogether by the start the season, put your focus on Cassel and Bridgewater. The skill position talent in running back Adrian Peterson and pass catchers Greg Jennings, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Kyle Rudolph, combined with the offensive coaching philosophy and pedigree of new offensive coordinator Norv Turner, are enough to make Cassel and Bridgewater intriguing options. Based on offseason work, it seems Cassel will open the season as the starter. Cassel has experience and the support of his coaches and teammates and will have a legitimate chance to hold off Bridgewater if he plays well. Unfortunately for him, that's a giant-sized IF. New lava-tempered head coach Mike Zimmer will look to make his mark and won't drag his feet before making a change at the position like former Head Coach Lesile Frasier was guilty of doing. Bridgewater went from darling to dud in the offseason, falling all the way to the end of the first round in the draft. He has the leadership and decision-making to be successful, but the biggest knocks on Bridgewater were physical; he doesn't offer much more than Cassel. Also, the Vikings will play all home games outside for the next two years, further limiting any late-season upside from Bridgewater in 2014. Only super desperate 12-team leagues will have to consider a Vikings quarterback this season, but in deeper leagues some QB2 value could be unearthed from this icy Minnesota wasteland.

 Jimmy Clausen, CHI (Bye: 9)
Height: 6’2”   Weight: 222   DOB: 1987-09-21   Age: 27
College: Notre Dame   Draft: 2010 Round 2 (16)   Experience: 4
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2011CAR00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0 0.0
2014 (Projected)CHI 24 41 285 1 0 0 0 0 18.3  

 Kirk Cousins, WAS (Bye: 10)
Height: 6’3”   Weight: 214   DOB: 1988-08-19   Age: 26
College: Michigan State   Draft: 2012 Round 4 (7)   Experience: -
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2012WAS333 48 466 4 3 3 22 0 41.5 13.8
2013WAS581 155 854 4 7 4 14 0 60.1 12.0
2014 (Projected)WAS 36 56 449 3 2 4 15 0 36.0  

 Jay Cutler, CHI (Bye: 9)
Height: 6’3”   Weight: 220   DOB: 1983-04-29   Age: 32
College: Vanderbilt   Draft: 2006 Round 1 (11)   Experience: 8
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2011CHI10182 314 2,319 13 7 18 55 1 179.5 17.9
2012CHI15255 434 3,033 19 14 41 233 0 251.0 16.7
2013CHI11225 356 2,619 19 12 23 118 0 218.8 19.9
2014 (Projected)CHI 344 573 4,124 28 15 42 177 1 341.9  

Outlook: The Chicago Bears clearly put their franchise in the hands of Jay Cutler for the foreseeable future and paid him like an elite quarterback, lavished him with a fresh seven-year, $126 million deal in the offseason. Should fantasy owners feel the same confidence? Cutler has always been on the fringe of being a consistent fantasy starter, but injury, scheme or sieve-like offensive line play have always conspired to keep him from being a reliable QB1. In 2013, with a new coach, offensive philosophy and towering targets in Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey and Martellus Bennett, Cutler was off to a strong start, throwing for 12 scores after the first six games. But serious groin and ankle injuries caused Cutler to miss significant snaps and left the door open for Josh McCown to have career resurgence. Enjoying a healthy and productive offseason, Cutler is an intriguing option for owners looking for a sneaky value pick at quarterback. Blessed with a terrific system, mentality and elite receiving options, Cutler is primed for a repeat of his 2008 season in Denver when he passed for 4,500 yards and 25 touchdowns. His injury concerns are valid because of the die-hard way he plays the game, but looking at his medical history, there are no sign of chronic, repeated problems. His arm has always been healthy, and despite missing 12 games over the last three years (six of which were from a freak thumb injury), he is a very tough field general who plays and effectively so, although they're minor injuries. Fantasy owners looking to stockpile receiver or running back talent before landing a quarterback should keep Cutler in mind. Currently hovering in low tier QB1/upper QB2 territory, Cutler has the gridiron environment to possibly sneak his way into the middle tier and become a real steal.

Comment: Cutler should have no problem tossing 25 TDs given the weapons at his disposal. ~ Mike Krueger

 Andy Dalton, CIN (Bye: 4)
Height: 6’2”   Weight: 220   DOB: 1987-10-29   Age: 27
College: -   Draft: 2011 Round 2 (3)   Experience: 2
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFFPtsFFPts/G
2011CIN16300 516 3,398 20 13 37 152 1 271.1 16.9
2012CIN16329 528 3,669 27 16 47 120 4 327.5 20.5
2013CIN16363 586 4,296 33 20 61 183 2 377.1 23.6
2014 (Projected)CIN 337 544 3,755 25 14 53 164 1 310.2  

Outlook: Since the days of fellow former second-rounder Boomer Esiason, the team in tiger stripes hasn't seen a quarterback sling it around the yard. Last season, though, Andy Dalton set career highs with 33 touchdown passes and nearly 4,300 yards in the air. His tremendous stat line vaulted him into the top-five at his fantasy position. Entering only his fourth season, fantasy owners should be falling all over themselves to make Dalton their fantasy starter. But the gridiron leader in the Queen City doesn't seem to be much of a fantasy king. What gives? The most troublesome blemish on Dalton has more to do with his failings as a real life quarterback, rather than a fantasy one. Although he has helped drag a perennially losing team out of the muck, he has been an utter failure in the playoffs with a 0-3 record and 1-6 touchdown to interception ratio. Last year was perhaps the biggest disappointment, as he was one of the hottest quarterbacks in the league from Week 10 on. Despite the great touchdown totals, Dalton was turnover prone, throwing the fifth most interceptions (20) in the league. A look at the numbers shows that Dalton was dreadful when the heat was on, ranking in the lower quarter of the league in third down conversion percentage and completion percentage when under pressure. These statistical numbers should be improving as he gets more experience in the NFL, but they aren't. He was the only top-10 quarterback anywhere near those poor totals, and this speaks to his greatest fault: He simply isn't at his best as a volume passer. The Bengals clearly agree. In comes former Bengals running backs coach Hugh Jackson, who brings a decidedly more conservative offensive approach than departing offensive coordinator Jay Gruden. Besides for a philosophy change, the Bengals front office has yet to put a vote of confidence in Dalton in the form of a lucrative extension.

Despite not extending Dalton, the Bengals did nothing in the offseason to bring in a legit challenger to his position. Jason Campbell is merely a veteran mentor, and rookie A.J McCarron won't see the field due to an injury disaster. So what does all this mean for his fantasy outlook? Any quarterback who throws for 30+ scores and 4,000 yards is worth paying very close attention to. Dalton's No. 3 finish wasn't exactly out of nowhere, as he was a fringe QB1 by the end of 2012. And that is where his value as a fantasy quarterback should return to again in 2014: a fringe fantasy starter. With a more conservative approach, Dalton won't approach the touchdown or yardage totals, but he could actually be more consistent. With the bevy of offensive weapons around him, including one of the game's best young receivers in A.J. Green, Dalton definitely adds value to a fantasy roster. Let another owner overdraft him based on his 2013 stats, but don't be afraid to pull the trigger late, as he could be one of better value selections in the QB2 tier.

Comment: Dalton set career highs in passing yards (4296) and TDs (33) last season. However, new OC Hue Jackson emphasizes the run which will likely bring Dalton's numbers down to earth. ~ Mike Krueger