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Regular Season, Updated: 7/21/16

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 Brock Osweiler, HOU (Bye: 9)
Height: 6’7”   Weight: 242   DOB: 1990-11-22   Age: 25
College: Arizona State   Draft: 2012 Round 2 (25) 
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFPtsFPts/G
2013DEN211 16 95 0 0 3 2 0 5.0 2.5
2014DEN44 10 52 1 0 8 0 0 6.6 1.7
2015DEN8170 275 1,967 10 6 21 61 1 150.5 18.8
2016 (Projected)HOU 315 524 3,775 24 15 52 131 1 303.9  

 Teddy Bridgewater, MIN (Bye: 6)
Height: 6’2”   Weight: 214   DOB: 1992-11-10   Age: 23
College: Louisville   Draft: 2014 Round 1 (32) 
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFPtsFPts/G
2014MIN13259 402 2,919 14 12 47 209 1 228.9 17.6
2015MIN16292 447 3,231 14 9 44 192 3 254.8 15.9
2016 (Projected)MIN 290 461 3,319 17 11 47 212 2 267.2  

 Robert Griffin III, CLE (Bye: 13)
Height: 6’2”   Weight: 223   DOB: 1990-02-12   Age: 26
College: Baylor   Draft: 2012 Round 1 (2) 
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFPtsFPts/G
2013WAS13275 457 3,212 16 12 88 484 0 273.0 21.0
2014WAS9147 214 1,694 4 6 38 176 1 124.3 13.8
2016 (Projected)CLE 280 452 3,256 15 14 59 275 2 262.3  

Outlook: One of the least relevant fantasy football battles comes to us from the great state of Ohio. Unless you think the Cleveland Cavalier magic will rub off on the 2016 Browns, the winner of the quarterback battle in Cleveland shouldn’t make a lick of difference to fantasy owners. Griffin III, the former Washington Redskin savior was banished by his former team last year after he apparently forgot how to play any facet of the quarterback position. Snatched up by an equally desperate Browns team, Griffin enters the off-season program atop the depth chart. Whether he stays there remains to be seen. OTA reports from May and June have been less than glowing, and with veteran McCown ready to take over, Griffin has a mighty short leash going into training camp.

Griffin, while offering tremendous physical gifts, lacks something between the ears to be great again. A hallow shell of his former self, it will take an absolute miracle from new head coach Hue Jackson to coax production out of Griffin again. Cleveland’s quarterback of the future is wandering around a college campus right now, so from a fantasy perspective, do yourself a favor and look away from this train wreck.

 Blaine Gabbert, SF (Bye: 8)
Height: 6’5”   Weight: 235   DOB: 1989-10-15   Age: 26
College: Missouri   Draft: 2011 Round 1 (10) 
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFPtsFPts/G
2013JAC342 86 481 1 7 9 32 0 31.3 10.4
2014SF13 7 38 1 0 1 5 0 6.4 6.4
2015SF8178 282 2,031 10 7 32 185 1 166.1 20.8
2016 (Projected)SF 267 445 3,156 15 10 64 322 2 262.0  

Outlook: It’s tough to read new 49ers head coach Chip Kelly, but it appears as if Blaine Gabbert has secured himself the starting quarterback role in San Francisco, thus giving himself an interesting fantasy situation for the 2016 season. Gabbert, a former top-10 NFL Draft pick, was once the laughing stock of the league, but saw a career resurrection in San Francisco this past season. While his 20.8 fantasy points per game certainly didn’t light the world on fire, what Gabbert did was provide some stability at the most important position on the football field - something which previous starter Colin Kaepernick certainly was not doing. While it’s hard to get behind him as a starter even in deeper 14 or 16 team leagues, Gabbert does provide some upside for those looking for a deep QB2.

It was only a season ago that then-Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford was the darling of fantasy experts who enjoy the "wait on a quarterback" draft strategy. While the shine might be worn off on the Chip Kelly offensive scheme, there’s still a real chance that Kelly could rekindle the flames of what was once a promising young NFL career. Bradford was disappointing, but still finished as the No. 22 fantasy quarterback in what ended up being Kelly’s final season in Philadelphia. It’s hard to imagine that the move to the Kelly system won’t at least be an improvement. The 49ers receivers left quite a bit desired in 2015 and they didn’t do much to address the problem during the off season. Still, Gabbert is at least worth consideration as a bye week replacement.

 Jimmy Garoppolo, NE (Bye: 9)
Height: 6’2”   Weight: 226   DOB: 1991-11-02   Age: 24
College: Eastern Illinois   Draft: 2014 Round 2 (30) 
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFPtsFPts/G
2014NE519 27 182 1 0 10 9 0 14.0 2.8
2015NE41 4 6 0 0 5 -5 0 -0.2 -0.1
2016 (Projected)NE 98 160 1,090 7 3 3 17 0 84.2  

Outlook: The Patriots spent a second round pick on Jimmy Garoppolo from Eastern Illinois in 2014 and that pick may pay dividends during Brady’s suspension if he can keep them afloat during the first month of the season. Unfortunately for him, the team opens the season facing some of the league’s better defenses - Arizona, Miami, Houston and Buffalo. Garoppolo has no significant regular season experience but will be spending his third offseason with the team and will likely split reps with Brady during training camp, so he should be prepared. He also gets the same benefit of the weapons that Tom Brady will be supported by which should help him overcome his inexperience. The offensive philosophy shouldn’t change much, if at all, and Garoppolo has the athleticism and quick release to be successful in that system. If you draft Brady, adding Garoppolo in later rounds wouldn’t be a terrible idea, although you may want to also add another capable backup and play the matchups.

 Jared Goff, LAR (Bye: 8)
Height: 6’4”   Weight: 215   DOB: 1994-10-14   Age: 21
College: California   Draft: 2016 Round 1 (1) 
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFPtsFPts/G
2016 (Projected)LAR 267 453 3,126 15 14 47 146 1 236.9  

 Sam Bradford, PHI (Bye: 4)
Height: 6’4”   Weight: 224   DOB: 1987-11-08   Age: 28
College: Oklahoma   Draft: 2010 Round 1 (1) 
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFPtsFPts/G
2013STL7159 262 1,687 14 4 15 31 0 143.5 20.5
2015PHI14346 532 3,725 19 14 25 39 0 266.2 19.0
2016 (Projected)PHI 270 443 3,056 18 11 11 16 0 226.4  

 Mark Sanchez, DEN (Bye: 11)
Height: 6’2”   Weight: 225   DOB: 1986-11-11   Age: 29
College: -   Draft: 2009 Round 1 (5) 
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFPtsFPts/G
2014PHI9198 309 2,418 14 11 34 87 1 191.6 21.3
2015PHI359 91 616 4 4 6 22 0 49.0 16.3
2016 (Projected)DEN 253 422 2,956 17 13 40 95 0 225.3  

Outlook: The starting quarterback job in Denver is one of the most highly contested, extremely important training camp battles in the entire league this offseason. The job is primarily expected to be a battle between newcomers Mark Sanchez and Paxton Lynch, but keep an eye on Trevor Siemian who has already spent a year in the system and has been the recipient of quite a bit of praise from the coaching staff.

Nevertheless, the man who most believe will start the season behind center for the Broncos is the only player who has played a meaningful NFL snap thus far in his career – Sanchez. A quarterback who once led his Jets to back-to-back AFC Championship appearances, Sanchez has seen quite a fall from grace in recent seasons as he will now be playing for his third NFL team after his runs in Philadelphia and New York fizzled out.

Taking over as the starting quarterback for a team that won the Super Bowl just a few months ago is a daunting task on its own, but replacing arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time, Peyton Manning, is going to be on the mind of whoever ends up winning this job. Sanchez has been in a similar situation when he replaced another one of the all-time greats, Brett Favre, the season after Favre left the Jets.

Of course, Sanchez now steps into a situation where he has much higher expectations, but it’s worth considering that he’s not replacing a prime Manning. He’s replacing the version of Manning who played the worst football of his career, who nearly lost his job to Brock Osweiler, and was statistically speaking one of the worst quarterbacks in recent memory. Manning’s 9-to-17 touchdown-to-interception ratio was humiliatingly bad and quite frankly was one of the main reasons why the Broncos weren’t expected to completely run through the AFC Playoffs on their way to the Super Bowl in 2015. Despite Manning’s terrible play, the Broncos were still able to get the job done where it counted – on the scoreboard. Much of that came from the reality that while Manning was a shell of his physical prime, he was still mentally sharp and was able to get players into the right positions to succeed.

At this point, it would be extremely difficult for Sanchez to be worse than Manning from a statistical standpoint. Sanchez has never been a great fantasy performer in the past, but he also hasn’t often had the type of weapons that he does in Denver. There’s practically no question that the Broncos’ passing game is going to be more efficient than it was a season ago. However, it’s also worth noting that the Broncos likely passed the ball more often in 2015 than head coach Gary Kubiak would have preferred. This could mean better efficiency from the position in terms of touchdowns and turnovers, but it might also mean fewer yards.

Sanchez projects as a QB2 in most formats, but does have the upside to produce QB1 numbers in favorable matchups. The other thing to keep in mind with Sanchez is that while he will likely start the season for the Broncos, that doesn’t mean that he will keep the job all season. If the coaches don’t like what they’re seeing and particularly if the team starts the season with more losses than they expected, Sanchez could be on a short leash. Playmaking rookie quarterback Paxton Lynch is looming behind him on the depth chart and Trevor Siemian knows the playbook the best of the three, meaning that he could be given an opportunity if the wheels really begin to fall off the track.

 Paxton Lynch, DEN (Bye: 11)
Height: 6’7”   Weight: 244   DOB: 1994-02-12   Age: 22
College: Memphis   Draft: 2016 Round 1 (26) 
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFPtsFPts/G
2016 (Projected)DEN 71 122 845 6 3 23 64 0 72.7  

Outlook: Considered by many experts to be one of the biggest “project” quarterbacks in the 2016 draft class, Paxton Lynch found a nice landing spot in Denver, a city where he can grow and eventually be groomed into a starting quarterback role. Lynch does possess the type of raw physical talent that could make him a starting-level quarterback, but he fell in the draft primarily because so many teams viewed him as a player who wouldn’t be able to contribute to an NFL team right away. With that being the case, it would be extremely surprising to see Lynch step onto the field for the Broncos in Week 1 unless there were a string of injuries to the other quarterbacks on the roster.

That being said, if Lynch continues to develop his mechanics and accuracy while keeping his nose in the playbook, there’s still a possibility that he gets onto the field this season. Lynch isn’t a player to draft in redraft leagues and there are even a few better options at the quarterback position for those in rookie drafts, but the talent is there – keep an ear to the noise coming out of Denver throughout the season.

 Josh McCown, CLE (Bye: 13)
Height: 6’4”   Weight: 213   DOB: 1979-07-04   Age: 37
College: Sam Houston State   Draft: 2002 Round 3 (16) 
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFPtsFPts/G
2013CHI8149 224 1,829 13 1 13 69 1 156.4 19.5
2014TB11184 327 2,206 11 14 25 127 3 185.0 16.8
2015CLE8186 292 2,109 12 4 20 98 1 169.3 21.2
2016 (Projected)CLE 55 91 655 5 3 9 37 0 56.5  

Outlook: McCown is seemingly the anti-RGIII. Quiet and unassuming, the journeyman quarterback entering his 13th season has seen plenty of ups and downs in his career. When healthy last year, McCown was pretty darn effective. He had some tremendous early season games, namely a three-game stretch during Weeks 3, 4 and 5 where he averaged 384 yards and 2 touchdowns a game. The numbers are even more impressive when you consider the receiving talent he was throwing to. Travis Benjamin and Gary Barnidge could very well have been names of servers at the local Applebee’s for anyone outside of Cleveland was concerned, but for a few games in 2015 McCown gave this offense and team a spark they lacked for most of their morbid season. As much of a gamer as McCown is, he just cannot stay healthy and at 37 doesn’t offer anything to Cleveland’s future, and make no mistake, this team is a long way away from being a contender.

 Chase Daniel, PHI (Bye: 4)
Height: 6’0”   Weight: 225   DOB: 1986-10-07   Age: 29
College: Missouri   Draft:
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFPtsFPts/G
2013KC525 38 248 1 1 15 51 0 21.5 4.3
2014KC216 28 157 0 0 4 15 0 9.4 4.7
2015KC22 2 4 0 0 2 -2 0 0.0 0.0
2016 (Projected)PHI 52 84 607 4 1 6 21 0 48.5  

 Colin Kaepernick, SF (Bye: 8)
Height: 6’5”   Weight: 230   DOB: 1987-11-03   Age: 28
College: -   Draft: 2011 Round 2 (4) 
SeasonTeamGameComp Att Yard TD INTAtt Yard TDFPtsFPts/G
2016 (Projected)SF 48 81 552 3 4 12 62 0 45.8  

Outlook: It’s hard to imagine a player rising and falling more quickly than San Francisco’s $114 Million man, Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick not only failed to live up to expectations under his new deal, but he even lost his starting job during the 2015 season. To make matters worse, he lost his job to another player who had previously flopped as a starter, Blaine Gabbert.

Kaepernick’s role now will almost certainly be as the primary backup despite his skill set arguably being more appropriate for the new 49ers offense under head coach Chip Kelly. While there is always the chance for an injury to Gabbert, Kaepernick should not be considered a draftable fantasy option at this time.

One potential thing to keep an eye on is the 49ers dealing Kaepernick to another team that could be dealing with an injury or extremely subpar play at the position prior to the trade deadline. The team reportedly tried to move him during the off-season and was unable to come to an agreement with a suitor, but that doesn’t mean that other teams won’t become more desperate as the season rolls on.