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The Shot Caller's Report - Wk 1 Quarterbacks

By Colby Cavaliere | 9/8/22 |
Bye Weeks: N/A
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Lamar Jackson

Grab a Helmet

Lamar Jackson @ NYJ

New contract or not, Jackson is under immense pressure to return to his MVP-level form after an injury marred 2021. Between anonymous league personnel bashing him, to bogus made-for-tv position ratings, Jackson has faced heat this offseason. He and the Ravens hit the road to open the season against an improved Jets squad. With J.K. Dobbins still working back from injury, Jackson might have to handle more than usual to start the year. Jackson has dedicated himself to improve both physically and mechanically this spring and summer, and the chip on his shoulder is immense. In order to slow Jackson, defenses must not only have a disciplined scheme, but also the personnel to pull it off. Unfortunately for New York they donít have the athletes at the 2nd and 3rd levels to be able to do it. Look for Jackson and the Ravens to make a big statement to start the 2022 season.

Russell Wilson @ SEA (Mon)

The never-ending Deshaun Watson circus seemed to overshadow the trade of Wilson to Denver. Itís not often that a Super Bowl winning quarterback in his near prime gets dealt. Not only that, Denver has the skill position players, and system to put Wilson right back in the thick of the QB1 conversation. Yeah, his rushing numbers took a strange dip last year, but I see a rebound, rather than a trend. As for this Week 1 opponent? Obviously, heíll be juiced to play well in the city he owned for a decade-plus, and it also helps that I donít think Seattle is going to be very good on either side of the ball.

Jalen Hurts @ DET

The Eagles are all-in on the quarterback that finished in the top-10 at his fantasy position last season. On the back of his silly 782 rushing yards and ten touchdowns, Hurts helped the Eagles squeak into the playoffs in 2021. In order to take the next step, heíll have to improve as a passer, and the acquisition of A.J. Brown should go a long way to helping with that. 2nd overall pick Aiden Hutchinson will likely be fired up to start his career at home, and I could see him getting overzealous in his rushing lanes and letting Hurts rip off yardage on the ground. With one of the better offensive lines in the league, a creative play caller, and stud receivers, Hurts is poised for a top-5 finish.

Grab a Headset

Tom Brady @ DAL

Retiring, unretiring, and mysterious absences aside, itís been a rough offseason for Brady and the Bucs offense. Three top-tier starters from the offensive line are gone due to retirement and injury, and the offseason chemistry with a new set of receivers has been compromised. Dallas got to the quarterback 41 times last season, and figures to test Bradyís new bulwark early and often. I expect a run heavy plan to pound the Dallas-D, and give Brady and the coaches time to adjust.

Justin Fields vs SF

Fields raised eyebrows with some quality play this preseason, but the bullets start firing for real this week against a stocked Niner defense. At this stage of his career, with a weak offensive line, and mediocre skill position players, Fields has to fight the tendency to do TOO much. Heís not ready to sit in the pocket and read defenses just yet, and while his legs should give him a decent floor, I think heís pressured into a few too-many mistakes.

Ryan Tannehill vs NYG

It’s no secret that Tannehill spent much of the offseason shell shocked from his meltdown in a playoff loss to the Bengals. Throw in the fact A.J. Brown was jettisoned to Philly, and it’s fair to question just what to expect from this Titan offense. The play of dynamic rookie Malik Willis also adds pressure to the situation. While the NYG offense was a weekly nightmare, the defense was surprisingly efficient, especially against opposing quarterbacks, where they gave up only 19.3 fantasy points-per-game.

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