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Early Game Alert: The Week 5 NYG/GB game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/9.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
Frink182 Out BAL LAR LAC  
gnrslash4life Out BAL BUF KC  
gouz41 Out BAL LAR KC  
hackblack Out BAL SF LAC  
harley20 Out BAL BUF KC  
hdoggpsu Out PHI LAR LAC  
Hellraiser Out BAL DEN KC  
henrock7499 Out PHI BUF KC  
IDrinkMolson_2 Out BAL LAR KC  
jameso74 Out BAL LAR SF  
jariah330 Out BAL DEN LAC  
jaymillstone Out PHI LAR SF  
jbwillingham Out BAL DEN LAC  
JDKeene Out BAL LAR [No Pick]  
jdub081 Out BAL DEN KC  
JFREED_2 Out NO LAR [No Pick]  
jlaurx Out NO LAR KC  
jloveguy Out BAL LAR LAC  
JoeyW47 Out BAL GB KC  
jrowan Out BAL GB KC  
Jt2659 Out BAL LAR BUF  
kaijones Out BAL LAR KC  
kdudzik Out BAL LAR LAC  
kfaegre99 Out BAL LAR KC  
Klapoint84 Out BAL DEN KC  
ktuoms Out NO LAR KC  
langer1883 Out BAL DET NO  
ljs44 Out BAL LAR LAC  
llebob22 Out BAL LAR LAC  
Lovehandles_2 Out BAL LAR LAC  
matt82377 Out BAL LAR BUF  
megavikefan Out BAL GB KC  
MikeFord Out MIA DEN LAC  
MrMojoRisin Out BAL LAR [No Pick]  
nick_3674 Out BAL GB LAC  
paulkostyz Out NO GB [No Pick]  
pmankear Out BAL LAR KC  
punsterr Out BAL LAR KC  
Rchoinacki Out BAL LAR KC  
Reaper802 Out BAL LAR KC  
Ricardos2011 Out BAL LAR LAC  
Rocket21792 Out BAL DEN LAC  
Rodreich Out BAL LAR LAC  
rokdaddy2k Out BAL LAR LAC  
rtholen Out BAL LAR LAC  
runninrhinos Out BAL LAR LAC  
Sambone11 Out WAS DEN KC  
scduff Out BAL NYG SEA  
sconn90 Out NO LAR LAC  
shawnycaramel Out BAL LAR LAC  
skee801 Out WAS LAR LAC  
Sluggo_2 Out BAL BUF KC  
Slumpbuster44 Out BAL LAR KC  
sshoboken Out BAL LAR KC  
TBayXXXVII Out WAS LAR [No Pick]  
tbohan Out PHI BUF [No Pick]  
tforce Out BAL DEN LAC  
The_grifters Out BAL LAR KC  
timbarch Out BAL LAR LAC  
tmk2463 Out BAL TB LAC  
tonyf100 Out BAL GB LAC  
tpowers Out BAL DEN LAC  
Tpyanks Out BAL BUF KC  
vetteman007 Out BAL LAR KC  
walter606 Out BAL LAR KC  
wutan_6 Out NO DEN LAC  
yoster47 Out PHI SF LAC  
betterhalf Out PHI PIT    
bgladney1 Out BAL CIN    
boottmills Out NO [No Pick]    
brandonjhoff Out BAL CLE    
candyfloortrash Out BAL [No Pick]    
carpish Out BAL [No Pick]    
cdjohnson53 Out NO [No Pick]    
cdub49ers Out NO CLE    
chabney Out BAL CIN Out BAL CLE    
christophercccc Out BAL CIN    
conan73 Out BAL CLE    
connor98072 Out NO [No Pick]    
criswick Out WAS [No Pick]    
csmintz Out BAL IND    
danrivera09 Out MIA CLE    
darkness_awc Out WAS CLE    
daz187 Out BAL CLE    
dcreamer Out PHI NO    
dep24 Out BAL [No Pick]    
Detwa Out MIA [No Pick]    
DizzyDSki Out PHI CLE    
drswede Out BAL CLE    
dsmith326 Out PHI [No Pick]    
dst2020 Out BAL [No Pick] Out WAS CLE    
embrey.gareth Out NO CIN    
flavor_chick Out NO CIN    
flilesjr Out BAL CLE    
frittja Out BAL CLE    
Gaia_Nostra Out BAL CLE    
geolira Out NO CLE    
giler Out BAL CLE