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Early Game Alert: The Week 4 MIN/NO game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/2.

Results for All Entries

Name Wild-CardDivisional
Super Bowl
audrey In        
bbauman In        
Bfj100 In        
billybffl In        
blaylock In        
Brandond10 In        
brbolman In        
brianmcculley In In        
cherns27 In        
cmorman40 In        
colajokers In In        
Darkstar929 In        
Da_Bears In        
dburras In        
Diceman_10 In In        
dwrodriguez In        
earljami In        
erothstein In        
falcaineer In        
feltersm In        
f_burkhart In        
gabrielyuen In        
gmannie In        
idlewild In        
indcolts1 In        
jakewgeorge In        
jayburrell1 In        
JayDee In        
jbnoethen In        
jeffg4 In In        
jersey_tomatoes In        
jlaw36 In        
jlippy1976 In        
joemamma_88 In        
jraff3 In        
karch10 In        
kevjo28 In        
kyleplass In        
leerw1976 In        
liamhaller In In        
macair747 In        
marcfargo In        
Mark01cro In        
mcocozza In        
mhobson78 In In        
moonjaker In        
nc_guy In        
Omnibot In        
opp1212 In        
petrodrillers In        
pgranholm In        
poppyjay56 In        
ramthepack In        
realhaggis In        
redbone8 In        
redhotwings In        
RGaglio In        
Rushmore In        
schneider In        
sevenout In        
solid90 In        
Swanny1981 In        
swobo96 In        
Syrcrush18 In        
t3pfa In        
Talisker1848 In        
timisw In        
trianglenc In        
4-irons Out        
aminisci Out        
ashmouth Out        
atasin11 Out        
auroramike71 Out        
beerarmy Out        
Biggerstaff Out        
bparker Out        
Brianmattewwheeler1213 Out        
cantputt00 Out        
cbnub Out        
Cbrew Out        
chipdivot Out        
clemmer13 Out        
creative_name Out        
ctrozzo Out        
danchristine Out        
denvercpo Out        
DFoster Out        
dkrauseuf Out        
dnafus Out        
Drinkin_Lincoln Out        
dwagner13 Out        
Eferguson Out        
Efrodge Out        
fastimpex Out        

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