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Results for All Entries

Name Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8
alpaca7 In        
bbauman In        
bench_warmer In        
bergerkings In        
billthouse In        
billybry In        
bip In        
bpossum In        
BromosDad In        
callen In        
cbetz71 In In        
cfolson In        
champabell In        
Chillidog In        
christophercccc In        
dguillozet In        
donj1967 In        
dpwpi In        
DrEvil In        
dscotta In In        
e105969 In        
ejakes In        
fastimpex In        
FFWinner In        
flavor_chick In        
flilesjr In        
Glenjammin In        
g_rhymes In        
hiwimonkey In        
iamunixman In        
itsrvd In        
jaymillstone In        
jq27hhh In        
jraff3 In        
jwohlberg In        
kdudzik In        
keith6969 In        
kenp400 In        
kevjo28 In        
kfaegre99 In        
ktrue1208 In        
Lehner In        
ljs44 In        
llebob22 In        
Lovehandles_2 In        
lwhamm In        
mcape1244 In        
michaelprjr In        
Mike FF Today In        
mosslong In        
NelsonAlgren In        
Old School In        
Oswego76 In        
perknc In        
Pumas145 In        
rdskinner In        
scottyinjax In        
Sneetche In        
steve.b In        
Stinky Pete In        
sweeper9592 In        
TBayXXXVII In        
tforce In        
tmk2463 In        
tmorriso In        
tommyajar In        
Tomsdad In        
tomvaccaro In