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Early Game Alert: The Week 5 NYG/GB game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/9.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
gwallis Out BAL IND    
g_rhymes Out PHI CLE    
Head Out BAL CLE    
hfa6021 Out BAL [No Pick]    
jambaman Out BAL CLE    
jaydemers Out TB IND    
jdgolfer Out BAL IND    
jhubbar4 Out NO CIN    
jkwilli34 Out NO [No Pick]    
jloos1977 Out CLE [No Pick]    
jnolan22 Out WAS CLE    
jpoest Out BAL [No Pick]    
jus4u2envy Out BAL CIN    
jwassel19 Out PHI CIN    
krypto88 Out CLE WAS    
lakrfanatk Out BAL CLE    
lellis Out NO CIN    
LunaTick Out BAL CLE    
mattnalex Out NO [No Pick]    
maulerz Out BAL CIN    
mully300 Out BAL [No Pick]    
mxwheeler Out BAL [No Pick]    
nzipperian Out BAL IND    
oscartoro Out MIA CLE    
Psycho_Sportz Out BAL [No Pick]    
RavenIrish Out BAL CLE    
riceball_kenny Out NO CIN    
rix17 Out BAL CIN    
Roaddog Out NO CLE    
robsenchak Out BAL WAS    
sanchez Out BAL CLE    
sdbrev210 Out BAL [No Pick]    
skrabski Out BAL CLE    
sledgehammer Out KC CIN    
slob Out MIA [No Pick]    
spartangolfer33 Out MIA CIN    
ss010552 Out WAS CLE    
staapbeer Out BAL CLE    
Stinky Pete Out BAL CIN    
strappingbuck Out BAL CLE    
Swammydawgs Out MIN CIN    
swlpt Out BAL CLE    
T-Ramp13 Out BAL [No Pick]    
Tanq101 Out BAL CLE    
thebame Out BAL [No Pick]    
thestoneman94 Out BAL [No Pick]    
tommyajar Out BAL [No Pick]    
varedneck66 Out NO CLE    
vjoinz Out BAL CIN    
wallosoup Out CHI CLE    
whozdatdude Out BAL CIN    
Winesteward Out BAL CIN    
xavier1368 Out BAL CLE    
zeldo0898 Out BAL CLE    
zoco66 Out BAL CIN    
02ranger Out DEN      
4FClub Out TEN      
4horns4life Out IND      
acccjohnson Out SF      
adamedinger Out TEN      
adamschaub Out IND      
aesthetical Out SF      
Aglick7426 Out IND      
Ahb001 Out SF      
ajbrandner Out TEN      
ajlabatt Out CIN      
alpaca7 Out TEN      
altoonasmack Out DEN      
amorosech Out CAR      
annebradsmith Out DEN      
Aoands Out IND      
Arogers Out TEN      
azinker Out IND      
b0bw0j0 Out DEN      
ballz017 Out TEN      
barkeran77 Out IND      
bberry52 Out IND      
bbrooker Out IND      
bclub Out JAC      
Beaker41 Out IND      
beej9 Out SF      
bench_warmer Out CIN      
BenNice Out TEN      
bergerkings Out DEN      
bertox Out TEN      
BigDogs0000 Out TEN      
BigDrinky Out SF      
biggdaddy50505 Out TEN      
bigwheeel71 Out SF      
Big_Cat Out CIN      
billthouse Out TEN      
billybry Out IND      
BinkDeBook Out CIN      
bip Out TEN      
bluegold85 Out SF      
bnsrenner Out DEN      
Bongobob42 Out TEN      
bongohip Out IND      
bonobo4 Out CIN