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Early Game Alert: The Week 5 NYG/GB game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/9.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
Bosoxfan Out IND      
bpmoen77 Out SF      
bpossum Out CIN Out IND      
bradgray Out TEN      
bradtmb Out SF      
Bredberg Out CIN      
Brodie Out CIN      
BromosDad Out SF      
brooksml Out CIN      
Bryanburke Out IND      
bschumm Out IND      
buddha24 Out TEN      
Buglas Out CAR      
bytheway Out DEN      
cafaac40 Out DEN      
callen Out IND      
CanOWhoopass Out SF      
cbetz71 Out CAR      
Ccudzilo Out TEN      
cd987bd Out CIN      
cdboss760 Out IND      
cfolson Out IND      
champabell Out DEN      
ChicagoTK Out CIN      
Chillidog Out SF      
Chisoxfan Out DEN      
chito6115 Out DEN      
choboy Out IND      
chuckhor Out DEN      
cjdewitt1350 Out DEN      
Claudius Out JAC      
clayalt Out IND      
clubpeck Out TEN      
clutzyk Out TEN      
cmcdjj37 Out DEN      
cmelleno Out IND      
cmh6476 Out IND      
coachm1999 Out TEN Out IND      
corcoram Out SF      
Couchtater Out SF      
CunningRunts Out IND      
cwgeorge Out DEN      
cwspohr44 Out IND      
daboys23 Out TEN      
dahoen Out TEN      
Damion57 Out DAL      
danb2001 Out IND      
dangerfields Out CIN      
dannyp22 Out TEN      
danrinn Out TEN      
darylech Out IND      
David_Cleary Out CIN      
dcstevens06 Out IND      
ddamon Out IND      
ddebo-44 Out IND      
deepsunone Out DEN      
deucerider Out TEN      
dexneb Out DEN      
dguillozet Out TEN      
dheitke_2 Out SF      
dingo37 Out IND      
dlarock Out TEN      
dlondl Out DEN      
dlsspartan23 Out TEN      
dmarino Out IND      
DocBito Out IND      
docstark Out IND      
dominick Out IND      
donj1967 Out TEN      
doughboy13 Out TEN      
dpaa4 Out CIN      
dpascoe Out IND      
dpkap Out CIN      
dpwpi Out SF      
DrEvil Out TEN      
dscotta Out CIN      
dubblej25 Out SF      
e06503axm Out TEN      
e105969 Out TEN      
earth333 Out TEN      
eatong Out TEN      
eboeve Out IND      
ebraga Out TEN      
ec_hogan Out TEN      
edge Out TEN      
ejakes Out DEN      
ejt Out DEN      
elizart1897 Out CIN      
EMerckx Out IND      
emoney28 Out CIN      
erico Out IND      
erikporter34 Out TEN      
erozanski Out CIN      
etk01 Out IND      
evross3 Out DEN      
Expresivo Out DEN      
fecr Out IND      
ffbahlbigdaddy Out TEN