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Early Game Alert: The Week 5 NYG/GB game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/9.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
ffgrandpa Out SF      
FFWinner Out IND      
finkel101 Out TEN      
finsRback Out IND      
firewalker17 Out CAR      
fishfool34 Out IND      
Fitz18 Out CIN      
Footer31 Out DEN      
forster705 Out IND      
foxxden Out IND      
frank55555 Out TEN      
frankr17 Out DEN      
freedomrings Out CIN      
furley11 Out IND      
fzflmark Out SF      
garmargregmaddy Out TEN      
gator516 Out IND      
Geejam Out SF      
gessin21 Out DEN      
gestir Out IND      
ghettaclue Out TEN      
gladiator666 Out IND      
Glenjammin Out TEN      
gmiholic Out IND      
gncallaway Out CIN      
go42na Out TEN      
Going Out DEN      
goskins94 Out IND      
graysdoug Out CIN      
gregkats Out CIN      
gsekelsky Out CIN Out CIN      
halbie Out TEN      
handerb Out SF      
Hanlon Out CIN      
hifiguy Out IND      
hiwimonkey Out CIN      
hman1962 Out IND      
hokiegood Out IND      
hot-tony Out IND      
houcowboy Out SF      
iamunixman Out CIN      
intara5 Out TEN      
islandviking Out IND      
itsrvd Out CAR      
jackrabbit_slims Out TEN      
jacobus_cambria Out TEN      
Jaeger34 Out SF      
jafokdr Out IND      
jailbirdmn Out CAR      
jamorosso Out TEN      
jayhawkjoe Out CIN      
jaymaynk Out IND      
jcargo93 Out TEN      
jcarmistead Out TEN      
jcowan Out DEN      
jcrouchtx Out TEN      
Jedihanna Out DEN      
jeffniels Out SF      
JerseyMick Out TEN      
jfranks Out TEN      
jgalt Out TEN      
JHowe04 Out IND      
jjs Out SF      
job3rd Out IND      
Joeboo17 Out IND      
joeforge Out IND      
joekreisher Out TEN      
JoeViking Out CIN      
johiah Out TEN      
johnpara32 Out CIN      
jq27hhh Out SF      
jr4d Out TEN      
jran2306 Out DEN      
jrkopka Out CIN      
jrvikes Out SF      
jwiles68 Out DEN      
jwilsonstokes Out TEN      
jwohlberg Out CAR      
jwood08 Out CIN      
karlzaharia Out IND      
keith6969 Out DEN      
kenp400 Out TEN      
KenTakeda Out TEN      
kevinacgi_2 Out IND      
Khwan15 Out SF      
KidTahoe Out IND      
kimosplace Out CAR      
Kingpin_Gt Out IND      
kman63 Out IND      
kmcmillen33 Out SF      
kramertech Out SF      
ktrue1208 Out TEN      
kubessquared Out IND      
labrec Out IND      
landerst Out SF      
leafs_suck_1980 Out IND      
LeeD Out SF      
leefty Out CIN      
Lehner Out TEN