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Early Game Alert: The Week 5 NYG/GB game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/9.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
lethalpundit Out TEN      
LLV Out DEN      
Longhrn77 Out IND      
loserbrothers Out SF      
louiedog14 Out TEN      
loynesmi Out SF      
lpompeo Out IND      
LSUAlum2001 Out TEN      
LVGambler Out IND      
lwhamm Out SF      
Machina Out DEN      
macmike00 Out IND      
Madcat12 Out IND      
mahiman1234 Out IND      
martin247 Out TEN      
Master_Brewer Out IND      
mathomas Out CIN      
mavaughn79 Out TEN      
mcape1244 Out TEN      
mccarty29 Out TEN      
mcdonnell.bri Out DEN      
McFfl Out TEN      
meberle Out CIN      
medcity80 Out CIN      
Melo Out IND      
menelaos Out CAR      
mfalejczyk Out DEN      
mhhyatt Out TEN      
michaelpangallo Out CIN      
michaelprjr Out IND      
Mike FF Today Out TEN      
mike_ut23 Out TEN      
mizzoin_3 Out IND      
mjolnir Out TEN      
moffman17 Out IND      
moneyonbrady Out IND      
mosslong Out TEN      
MrOtto Out CIN      
mrpibtg232 Out CIN      
msmillsboys Out IND      
mstone23 Out TEN      
mstrat24 Out CIN      
mtrat Out CAR      
mtveronesi Out IND      
mushman66 Out CIN      
mventrone Out SF      
mvolk Out SF      
mweyand57 Out SF      
navywings Out DEN      
NelsonAlgren Out DEN      
nguman Out TEN      
odusmagoo Out DEN      
oilagan Out CIN      
Old School Out TEN      
opedogg Out TEN      
oredigger93 Out CIN      
Oswego76 Out IND      
PapiChulo Out DEN      
par4ed4 Out IND      
paulbab1998 Out TEN      
paulmweir Out TEN      
Paulyv Out IND      
pawilhelm Out IND      
payney88 Out SF Out IND      
pcovey Out IND      
perknc Out TEN      
peterdanna Out TEN      
peterfsu Out CAR      
phaeckel Out TEN      
Pheagle Out TEN      
philpo Out SF      
pisom100 Out TEN      
pitafortwo Out CIN      
Pixburgh Out IND      
prnichols7807 Out TEN      
psimmsny Out CIN      
Pumas145 Out TEN      
puntacanapeo Out CIN      
Punterla Out IND      
purplengold47 Out IND      
qjbeck Out TEN      
quokkaboy Out IND      
R2C2 Out SF      
RabidSeaCows Out DEN      
raidercesar Out DEN      
randge Out CIN      
ransomp Out IND      
raukitman Out IND      
rbhorn Out IND      
rdnyhmltn Out TEN      
rdove4 Out IND      
rdskinner Out IND      
rdtheheathen Out IND      
rew Out DEN      
rfranke Out TEN      
rgregb Out DEN      
rheinzy Out IND      
rhonx5 Out CIN      
Ribcrush63 Out DEN