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Early Game Alert: The Week 5 NYG/GB game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/9.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
richb435 Out DEN      
richcreed Out IND      
rmcrecink Out IND      
rmcveigh Out SF      
Roadtrip_in_Texas_2 Out TEN      
RocketMonkey Out CAR      
RollingThunder Out DEN      
ronshig Out IND      
rosted345 Out SF      
rparker22 Out CIN      
rphipps Out IND      
rspeigs Out TEN      
rsrvrdog27 Out DEN      
rtalamante Out CAR      
Rudzinski Out TEN      
rw278 Out DEN      
ryankbruce Out TEN      
S.Taylor Out DEN      
s29141 Out CAR      
Sagone Out IND      
saivanko Out TEN      
salty_dog944 Out IND      
samoi210 Out IND      
santek Out DEN      
sayhaykid Out IND      
sbruce Out DEN      
scottandrew1973 Out IND      
scottnord Out CIN      
scottyinjax Out IND      
seegie Out IND      
Shamrock85 Out TEN      
siberianex Out TEN      
sibly Out CIN      
skroll Out IND      
sky256 Out IND Out DEN      
smokeyspop Out TEN      
Sneetche Out TEN      
snookr88 Out CIN      
Sofaking33 Out IND      
Sonneillon75 Out GB      
sportszone21 Out IND      
SteroidJunkies Out SF      
steve.b Out TEN      
Subsoiler Out IND      
swami69 Out CIN      
sweeper9592 Out IND      
swingingpinata Out IND      
tator2k Out SF      
Taximus Out DEN Out IND Out DEN      
tcurlster Out CIN      
teamfear Out TEN      
tepoa58 Out IND      
thegundaddy Out TEN      
theilmann Out IND      
thekinn Out IND      
themouse2258 Out TEN Out TEN      
The_Banog Out TEN      
thrillfan22 Out SF      
thynob Out TEN      
tiggo25 Out IND      
tkullgren Out CIN      
tmannin Out TEN      
Tmantony14 Out IND      
tmarch Out IND      
tmorriso Out TEN      
toddratliff Out TEN      
tomhead23 Out IND      
tommyled Out TEN      
Tomsdad Out DEN      
tomvaccaro Out DEN      
ttip608 Out IND      
twilson74 Out TEN      
ugopi_15 Out DEN      
unc2457 Out CIN      
UofL Out IND      
uw_fass Out DEN      
val2 Out IND      
Vikesfan65 Out DEN      
vikesguy1 Out CAR      
vziringer Out IND      
warcholc_2 Out IND      
warlord8969 Out IND      
wchamil Out TEN      
Whitey2876 Out TEN      
Winklewinner Out TEN      
wisref Out TEN      
wjbelden Out TEN      
wlcmoore Out IND      
wmandrews Out IND      
Wolffman Out DEN      
wolfpackraider Out IND      
z28lt1 Out CIN      
zazzi20 Out DEN