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 Contests > Draft Buddy Survivor Contest  

We have a tie! Congratulations to all 7 of our winners. Thanks for purchasing the Draft Buddy and playing in the DB Survivor Contest!

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
jeremy_swiller Out PIT GB    
jester01 Out SEA GB    
jfoday_2 Out PHI [No Pick]    
jgcrawfish Out HOU [No Pick]    
jiipbsu Out HOU OAK    
jjs Out SEA OAK    
Jmpetersen Out PHI DET    
jmyers1 Out KC [No Pick]    
joeysouto Out SEA [No Pick]    
Joe_2 Out PIT OAK    
johnny59 Out SEA [No Pick]    
jonnyl613 Out SEA GB Out SEA [No Pick]    
jscdeuce1970 Out SEA DET    
jwiles68 Out BAL [No Pick]    
jwohlberg Out SEA DET    
kafonso Out SEA DET    
karch10 Out GB SEA    
karlzaharia Out SEA DET    
KateDuff1 Out PHI DET    
kdeford Out KC SEA    
kdredkey Out PHI DET    
kevin77267 Out SEA [No Pick]    
kinnick Out PHI DET    
kirkbaldridge Out KC BUF    
kirk_kreator Out GB SEA    
kvondeylen Out PHI SEA    
kymarlinfan Out KC [No Pick]    
Kyslick Out SEA DET    
laball Out SEA [No Pick]    
labrec Out HOU DET    
Lazyboy42 Out SEA [No Pick]    
lesgreen97 Out SEA DET    
lethalpundit Out GB [No Pick]    
lildirienzo Out KC BUF    
liquidicem Out GB [No Pick]    
loki84111 Out PIT SEA    
Longhrn77 Out SF DET    
lsutoad_3 Out PIT SEA    
ludyee Out CIN [No Pick]    
Mahopacs Out PHI DET    
manu081920 Out KC [No Pick] Out KC [No Pick]    
martin247 Out HOU [No Pick]    
Master_Brewer Out KC DET    
mattyh85 Out KC DET    
maynardum Out PHI SEA    
mcdonnell.bri Out SEA [No Pick]    
mdickant Out SEA [No Pick]    
mean.machine_3 Out SEA [No Pick]    
Meat_Curtains Out KC [No Pick]    
Melo Out SEA [No Pick]    
menelaos Out SEA [No Pick] Out SF [No Pick]    
michbb Out PIT [No Pick]    
mike34 Out HOU [No Pick]    
miketburke Out KC DET    
MMK4670 Out PHI [No Pick]    
more-cow-bell Out SEA DET    
motocory Out HOU [No Pick]    
mscheller Out SEA [No Pick]    
Mulvster Out SEA [No Pick]    
mweyand57 Out KC DET Out SEA [No Pick]    
navyskcs Out PHI [No Pick]    
NC9936 Out PHI GB    
nguman Out SEA DET    
nocthermal Out GB [No Pick]    
NoelFischer Out SEA [No Pick]    
ogreboy2 Out SEA DET    
Old School Out SEA DET    
pansy Out SEA [No Pick]    
PapiChulo Out GB SEA    
PArgonauts Out KC OAK    
paulbab1998 Out NYG GB    
paulkostyz Out PIT SEA    
pcj505 Out KC DET    
peterfsu Out PHI SEA    
phatboypat Out SF CHI    
philthy23 Out HOU DET    
PJ9999 Out SEA [No Pick]    
polish_rifle Out SEA OAK    
Punterla Out SEA SF    
raiderwade Out GB [No Pick]    
RavenIrish Out SEA [No Pick] Out KC [No Pick]    
rcaruso Out HOU DET    
rcdeluca Out PHI OAK    
Rchoinacki Out SEA OAK    
rdove4 Out PHI OAK    
red93corvette Out PHI WAS    
redbone8 Out SEA DET    
Redriders Out SEA [No Pick]    
rhans5796 Out PHI [No Pick]    
Rhilcon Out SEA [No Pick]    
rickbr Out SEA CHI    
ripsin Out PIT [No Pick]    
rjrdii Out NE [No Pick]    
rliddle Out SEA [No Pick]    
rmcrecink Out OAK [No Pick]