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Results for All Entries

Name Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8
ACobb17 In        
altoonasmack In In        
ashmouth In        
Backstroke03 In        
barrylicious In        
bbradley777 In        
bench_warmer In        
bigfishe In        
bigwheeel71 In        
bobmalouf In        
bpossum In        
bradgray In        
brianh In        
Ccp007 In        
cfolson In        
ChicagoTK In        
Chisoxfan In        
clayd531 In        
cmcdjj37 In        
crog100 In        
ctballbuster In        
D2dier In        
dahoen In        
Damion57 In        
darkness_awc In        
davebieber In        
dcreamer In        
depppp In        
desertbirds In        
donj1967 In        
dope In        
dpascoe In        
dqt00 In        
DrEvil In        
earth333 In        
ejakes In        
erozanski In        
Expresivo In        
fastimpex In        
fried717 In        
Gator0516 In        
gnation70 In        
goskins94 In        
Grouchoman In        
g_rhymes In        
henrock7499 In        
jaymillstone In        
jcedwards In        
jesuis1837 In        
JGByrne In        
jjrcash712 In        
JohnnyPowerhead In        
johnvone In In        
jran2306 In        
jsilberfein In        
juniorjuhl In        
kckhawk In        
keith6969 In        
Kevin J In        
kfaegre99 In        
kman63 In        
lakrfanatk In        
lhamby614 In        
llebob22 In        
lord of the flies In        
markm2187 In        
McFfl In        
megavikefan In        
Melo In        
Mike FF Today In        
mosesn In        
mosslong In        
muscolo In        
muskrat In        
Old School In        
pcj505 In        
perknc In        
petrodrillers In        
poorfatkid In        
Pumas145 In        
Punterla In        
purplengold47 In        
quokkaboy In        
ransomp In        
rbrother In        
rockridge In        
Rockyroad09 In        
rtalamante In        
runninrhinos In        
ryananth In        
scalesse27 In        
sdaly01 In        
ShineBox_2 In        
simone In        
skroll In        
sky256 In        
smithhart In        

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