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Early Game Alert: The Week 4 IND/JAC game is being played in London. Any picks for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/2.

Results for Guest

NameWk 9Wk 10Wk 11Wk 12
Make Pick Make Pick Make Pick Make Pick

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 9Wk 10Wk 11Wk 12
02ranger In        
12xuser In        
1wjdmail1 In        
2bmayhem In        
2for3champ In        
710southfantasyleague In        
acccjohnson In        
aciafre33 In        
ACobb17 In        
adg180 In        
adombek1 In        
agentchaos In        
airbiscuit In        
ajbrandner In        
AKAPP_2 In        
alanr In        
alpaca7 In        
altoonasmack In        
AMaxS69 In        
amorrow836 In        
andy.evans7 In        
andyshap In        
AnthonyUngerman In        
Aoands In        
ashmouth In        
atasin11 In        
audrey In        
awang13 In        
b0bw0j0 In        
baddognobiscuit In        
BadgerDave In        
bageldoggies In        
ballz017 In        
bambam72 In        
barcaloungers In        
barkeran77 In        
barrylicious In        
BBDogz In        
bberry52 In        
bdrohland In        
beagleyx2 In        
beaker420 In        
Bean2k5 In        
bear261 In        
Bearmancan In        
bearsr1 In        
beej9 In        
beerad30 In        
beerarmy In        
bench_warmer In        
BenNice In        
benny1515 In        
bergerkings In        
berto1972 In        
betterhalf In        
bgladney1 In        
BigDrinky In        
bigfishe In        
bigredtopper1998 In        
bigredxsf In        
bigtc In        
BigTymeShocker In        
bigwheeel71 In        
Big_Cat In        
biilyzac In        
billcuff In        
billy2386 In        
billybffl In        
billybry In        
billyjoel234 In        
blaylock In        
bmillward In        
bmunster In        
bobbyc59 In        
bobpman In        
Bongobob42 In        
bonobo4 In In        
bpmoen77 In        
bpossum In        
bpperry In        
Brad12 In        
brandoneck In        
brbolman In        
brendon In        
brentgreenwald In        
brianh In        
bricks447 In        
brlank99 In        
Brodie In        
Bryanburke In        
bschumm In        
bsenright In In        
buckeye pride In        
bud_fox In In        
byerdon In        

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