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 Contests > Draft Buddy Survivor Contest  

We have a tie! Congratulations to all 7 of our winners. Thanks for purchasing the Draft Buddy and playing in the DB Survivor Contest!

Results for All Entries

Name Wild-CardDivisional
Super Bowl
  brianh In PIT ATL NE  
  clavin88 In SEA ATL NE  
  crog100 In SEA ATL NE  
  erett In SEA ATL NE  
  smardwig In PIT ATL NE  
  T-Ramp13 In HOU NE ATL  
  williswizard In PIT ATL NE  
BigTymeShocker Out PIT ATL GB  
bpossum Out HOU ATL PIT  
d2dier Out PIT NE GB  
evross3 Out PIT ATL GB  
melkins31 Out HOU ATL GB  
Morphy666 Out SEA ATL GB  
mwallace7982 Out PIT ATL GB  
pirollo1 Out SEA ATL GB  
Pritchard01 Out PIT ATL GB  
largefrog Out PIT KC    
puntacanapeo Out PIT DAL    
indcolts1 Out        
mventrone Out        
adombek1 Out        
alanr Out        
AMaxS69 Out        
bud_fox Out        
cd987bd Out        
cpot Out        
dumbassmax2001 Out        
erozanski Out        
footwork13 Out        
frittja Out        
fvb9 Out        
illskillz Out        
jimbolyons Out        
jokerjp Out        
ktuoms Out        
markm2187 Out        
mgeneatkinson Out        
michaelpangallo Out        
mrpibtg232 Out        
packakegger Out        
perknc Out        
Rgorskie Out        
rgregb Out        
rllewis5 Out        
rsekine Out        
SACK99 Out        
sixshooter Out        
thynob Out        
tim3622 Out        
tpowers Out        
uglyslidedave Out        
vandrex Out        
WoodysHaze Out        
yale006 Out        
Wolffman Out        
bonobo4 Out        
Ccudzilo Out        
DizzyDSki Out        
force Out        
fortetu Out        
jwood08 Out        
mathomas Out        
mel22 Out        
odusmagoo Out        
rchipper Out        
Therndon Out        
beagleyx2 Out        
billybry Out        
bpmoen77 Out        
cherns1927 Out        
Clarkinators Out        
craigomaniac Out        
everjc Out        
fleaburger77 Out        
jdgolfer Out        
kyllodog Out        
mizzoin Out        
panavich Out        
rfranke Out        
rtalamante Out Out        
szczepam Out        
tcstr8 Out        
Thebigousa Out        
TSwish1 Out        
jamatz Out        
craigzach Out        
DrEvil Out        
jjohnsoncac Out        
leerw1976 Out        
mindyst Out        
onebad89 Out        
petrodrillers Out        
Brad12 Out        
cmcdjj37 Out        
codeslammer Out        
DaJoker693 Out Out        
donghill72 Out        

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