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 Contests > Draft Buddy Survivor Contest  

Early Game Alert: The NYJ/MIA game is being played in London. Any picks for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 1Wk 2Wk 3Wk 4
bugler2 Out KC DEN [No Pick] Out DEN PIT [No Pick]  
jokerjp Out CAR PIT [No Pick]  
mattmucha Out NYJ PIT [No Pick]  
shaas31 Out GB PIT [No Pick]  
timg Out MIA PIT [No Pick]  
tmannin Out DAL CAR [No Pick]  
twilson74 Out NYJ CAR [No Pick]  
12xuser Out ARI NO    
1Pats2glory Out NYJ NO    
1wjdmail1 Out CIN NO    
4castor Out NE BAL    
aaronmboyce Out GB NO    
acccjohnson Out DAL NO    
acharpel Out GB NO    
aciafre33 Out NYJ NO    
aclee33 Out MIA IND    
aclutz17 Out DEN NO    
ACobb17 Out MIA NO    
adamedinger Out DEN IND    
adbgrant Out CIN TEN    
adg180 Out GB BAL    
agarofalo Out NYJ NO    
Ahb001 Out GB NO    
ahotpablo Out MIA NO    
ajaoun Out ARI IND    
ajlabatt Out MIA NO    
akdeuce2 Out NE NO    
aliup98 Out GB NO    
alpaca7 Out MIA BAL    
altoonasmack Out NYJ MIA    
altran77 Out GB IND    
AMaxS69_2 Out CAR NO    
aminisci Out GB NO    
amorosech Out MIA STL    
andy.evans7 Out GB [No Pick]    
andymedendorp Out MIA NO    
annebradsmith Out GB IND    
anthonyc Out GB MIA    
anthonylokken Out GB NO    
AnthonyUngerman Out NE NO    
Aoands Out DEN NO    
aquinn02 Out NE NO    
armo Out GB [No Pick]    
as22 Out NE [No Pick]    
ashmouth Out NE NO    
astegem Out GB NO    
atasin11 Out MIA NO    
atomicbomb Out NE NO    
audrey Out GB NO    
auggie Out MIA NO    
auroramike71 Out GB BAL    
avengedcountry Out NE NO    
awang13 Out MIA NO    
awrex1977 Out NYJ MIA    
ayemac Out DAL [No Pick]    
b0bw0j0 Out GB IND    
backjdge Out NYJ NO    
Backstroke03 Out MIA NO    
baddognobiscuit Out DAL IND    
badfish442001 Out CIN MIA    
BadgerDave Out DAL MIA    
bageldoggies Out NE BAL    
ballz017 Out DAL NO    
bapize2 Out NE MIA    
barcaloungers Out NYJ MIA    
Bart-Bill Out DEN IND    
BBDogz Out MIA NO    
bbeenhouwer Out NYJ NO    
bberry52 Out MIA NO    
bbrooker Out NE NO    
bcdal Out DEN NO    
bdemps07 Out GB MIA    
bdrohland Out CAR MIA    
Bearmancan Out NYJ NO    
Beastman710 Out DAL MIA    
beej9 Out DAL NO    
beerad30 Out NYJ NO    
BenNice Out NE BAL    
benny1515 Out NE [No Pick]    
benstingy Out MIA STL    
berto1972 Out NE NO    
bertox Out GB IND    
bgallant17 Out NYJ NO    
bgarcia Out SD KC    
bhilltex Out GB STL    
bhoffner Out GB STL    
BigBrad Out SF NO    
BigDrinky Out DAL MIA    
bigdriver Out CAR NO    
bigredxsf Out CIN HOU    
bigtc Out NYJ NO    
bigwheeel71 Out DAL IND    
Big_Cat Out NYJ NO    
biilyzac Out NYJ STL    
billcuff Out DAL MIA    
billstencel Out CAR [No Pick]    
billybffl Out GB [No Pick]    
billybry Out MIA STL    
billyjoel234 Out NE NO