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 Contests > Draft Buddy Survivor Contest  

We have a tie! Congratulations to all 7 of our winners. Thanks for purchasing the Draft Buddy and playing in the DB Survivor Contest!

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8
mkvalentine1 Out        
mosslong Out        
mpmcclure Out        
Nelsong Out        
ngedeonjr Out        
obukyle Out        
Oldone Out        
onthtee101 Out        
opp1212 Out        
otis19 Out        
PatMcGroin88 Out        
pawilhelm Out        
peterdanna Out        
pgranholm1 Out        
pogue3one Out        
pterryp Out        
Ramball5 Out        
ramfan25 Out        
randge Out        
richa4 Out        
richb435 Out        
richcreed Out        
ricpok Out        
riderfan Out        
rjb9862 Out        
roach Out        
Rocket21792 Out        
romedawgfan Out        
rtrui2t Out        
rugbyho0ker Out        
sa1onpas Out        
sab2141 Out        
sciotoparke Out        
shaunguth Out        
showboat2012 Out        
sierrasclimber Out Out        
smanor Out        
smokeyspop Out        
Sofaking33 Out        
srhpdx Out        
srybacki123 Out Out        
Starhowle Out        
steelerhaters Out        
steelersfan21 Out        
Swammydawgs Out        
TCat99 Out        
tcstep0 Out        
Terpmjn Out        
theoman Out        
tkavsr Out        
tmc185 Out        
TMoney33 Out        
trianglenc Out        
ttip608 Out        
twilson74 Out        
twmac Out        
Urinal mints Out        
Vikingsfan28 Out        
vinpip32 Out        
walczak Out        

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