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Early Game Alert: The Week 7 NYG/LAR game is being played in London. Any picks for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/23.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8 In IND TEN GB  
grumps In NE ARI DEN  
gsekelsky In PIT BUF CIN  
hereforthebeer4 In PIT NE KC  
hiwimonkey In NE NYG GB  
huskerdave In NE ARI DEN  
ificanstayhealthy In IND TEN GB  
illskillz In MIN BUF DEN  
image In NE BUF CIN  
indcolts1 In PIT BUF CIN  
islandviking In NE BUF GB  
I_Suck In NE TEN CIN  
Jakoplic In IND TEN CIN  
jamatz In OAK BUF KC  
jcabral In NE BUF GB  
jdgolfer In PIT NE GB  
jeffschell75 In PIT BUF NE  
jeremiah.crocker In NE BUF KC  
jhilleary In NE TEN [No Pick]  
jimbolyons In NE BUF GB  
jjohnsoncac In PIT TEN CIN  
Joeboo17 In NE TEN CIN  
jokerjp In GB TEN CIN  
jplumsden In PIT TEN CIN  
jqueen930 In NE BUF CIN  
jtpar In MIN NE CIN  
jus4u2envy In IND TEN CIN  
jwood08 In IND BUF CIN  
kdweaver In PIT TEN CIN  
keith6969 In MIN BUF DEN  
Kenp In NE BUF CIN  
kman63 In NE TEN DEN  
kohner In NE TEN CIN  
Koolrog In NE TEN GB  
ktuoms In NE BUF GB  
kyllodog In MIN ARI DEN  
largefrog In NE ARI CIN  
leerw1976 In MIN BUF DEN  
lellis In NE TEN CIN  
loserbrothers In NE BUF CIN  
lostxn In NE JAC CIN  
loynesmi In NE TEN CIN  
mackrichey In NE TEN GB  
madabrown In PIT NE CIN  
mangler In PIT BUF CIN  
markm2187 In NE NYG CIN  
mathomas In NE TEN CIN  
mcolodney In PIT NE CIN  
mel22 In PIT BUF GB  
melkins31 In NE TEN CIN  
mgeneatkinson In NE TEN CIN  
michaelpangallo In NE BUF GB  
mikeb572 In NE NYG CIN  
MileHighMagic In NE TEN DEN  
mindyst In MIN ARI CIN  
misbe In PIT ARI DEN  
mizzoin In NE BUF CIN  
mjeddy66 In PIT BUF GB  
mjlee97 In NE BUF [No Pick]  
mlass In GB TEN CIN  
mmundorf In NE TEN GB  
moncayok_3 In NE TEN [No Pick]  
Morphy666 In ARI TEN DEN  
mrpibtg232 In NE ARI CIN  
msurneb In NE ARI CIN  
muskrat In MIN TEN CIN  
mventrone In MIN BUF GB  
mwallace7982 In NE BUF GB  
neptune In NE BUF CIN  
oaktree3 In NE BUF CIN  
odusmagoo In MIN NE CIN  
onebad89 In PIT ARI CIN  
packakegger In PIT TEN DEN  
panavich In PIT BUF DEN  
perknc In NE NYG GB  
petrodrillers In PIT TEN CIN  
philapa In PIT BUF GB  
pirollo1 In NE TEN GB  
podman4 In NE ARI KC  
Pritchard01 In NE BUF GB  
psimmsny In MIN TEN NE  
puntacanapeo In PIT BUF DEN  
Pvt.Joker In IND NE DEN  
racetercel In NE ARI KC  
ransomp In NE BUF CIN  
rbarks99 In NE BUF CIN  
rbeitzel In NE BUF DEN  
rchipper In PIT TEN CIN  
RenoRick In MIN NE CIN  
rfranke In NE TEN GB  
Rgorskie In MIN BUF GB  
rgregb In NE BUF CIN  
riceball_kenny In NE ARI CIN  
ridkhan In NE TEN TB  
rllewis5 In MIN NE CIN