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Early Game Alert: The Week 7 TEN/LAC game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/21.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8
Jeremyran Out        
JerseyMick Out        
jester01 Out        
jesuis1837 Out        
jfischer7 Out        
jfoday_2 Out        
jgalt Out        
jgarife Out        
jhubbar4 Out        
jimaveli Out        
joemamma_88 Out        
johiah Out        
johnpara32 Out Out        
jraff3 Out        
jsherer Out        
jsilberfein Out        
jt2659 Out        
jwassel19 Out        
jzawadzki Out        
kckhawk Out        
keith6969 Out        
kellypanda37 Out        
kevinacgi_2 Out        
kevinshgcc Out        
kfaegre99 Out        
KidTahoe Out        
Koolrog Out        
ktuoms Out Out        
lakrfanatk Out        
largefrog Out        
lbdogs_2 Out        
lbobbyb Out        
leafs_suck_1980 Out        
LeeD Out        
leerw1976 Out        
legends13 Out        
Lix Out        
ljs44 Out Out        
llebob22 Out        
lo_riders Out        
mackrichey Out        
Marco.Esquandolas Out        
mavaughn79 Out        
mccarollo Out        
meatman02 Out        
mel22 Out        
metjpw Out        
mfalejczyk Out        
mhobson78 Out        
Mike FF Today Out        
mikeb572 Out        
mike_ut23 Out        
mizzoin Out        
molsondark Out        
msurneb Out        
mushman66 Out        
mventrone Out        
mweyand57 Out        
nawyee_2 Out        
nc_guy Out        
nickm Out        
nicksvor Out        
nick_3674 Out        
njkampas Out        
nlgadmin Out        
nlsosh Out        
nutsbolts Out        
NYBurgh79 Out        
OD99 Out        
odabashian Out        
odusmagoo Out        
Old School Out        
omegabone Out        
optimizer Out        
oredigger93 Out        
packakegger Out        
pansy Out        
par4ed4 Out        
Patron7 Out Out        
peterdanna Out        
petrodrillers Out        
pgranholm1 Out        
phil64 Out        
philthy23 Out        
poppyjay56 Out        
prostrollo Out        
Psycho_Sportz Out        
Pumas145 Out        
punsterr Out        
puntacanapeo Out        
queler Out        
R2C2 Out        
RabidSeaCows Out        
ransomp Out        
RavenIrish Out        
rbalsiger Out