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Early Game Alert: The Week 7 TEN/LAC game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/21.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8
rbeitzel Out        
rdnyhmltn Out        
rdove4 Out        
rfranke Out        
rgregb Out        
Rhilcon Out        
ribs05 Out        
richcreed Out        
rizzobob Out        
rmcveigh Out        
Roaddog Out        
Roadtrip_in_Texas_2 Out        
Robl001 Out        
robsenchak Out        
rogi Out        
rokdaddy2k Out        
romedawgfan Out        
rosted345 Out        
rscottkerr Out Out        
rtholen Out        
Rudzinski Out        
runninrhinos Out        
rw278 Out        
ryananth Out        
ryanrb Out        
saivanko Out        
sampatel99 Out        
scarter8 Out        
scecil Out        
scott.haywood Out        
sdc90291 Out        
sdunlop Out        
shaas31 Out        
sibly Out        
skee801 Out        
slacker1989 Out        
Sluggo_2 Out        
Slumpbuster44 Out        
smithhart Out        
smthcrmnl04 Out        
SMTM1 Out        
sodell Out        
sonnybravo Out        
spandolfo Out        
Specz Out        
sshoboken Out        
staapbeer Out        
StBlazes Out        
SteroidJunkies Out        
stevenzwol Out        
Stinky Pete Out        
stoffelmania Out        
Subsoiler Out        
sweeper9592 Out        
swipp17 Out Out        
Talisker1848 Out        
Tanq101 Out Out        
Tbeaudry Out        
teamfear Out        
tecmotech Out        
Testiculon Out Out        
theilmann Out        
themouse2258 Out Out        
Therndon Out        
thynob Out        
TJer99 Out        
tkullgren Out        
Tmantony14 Out        
toddratliff Out        
tommymac69 Out        
tomvaccaro Out        
tory Out        
trexmedia Out        
TSwish1 Out        
tuley Out        
twmac Out        
UofL Out        
uw_fass Out        
varedneck66 Out        
Vikesfan65 Out        
vziringer Out        
w2112took Out        
walter606 Out        
warlord8969 Out        
Washelesky Out        
wchamil Out Out        
Whitey2876 Out        
wisref Out        
WoodysHaze Out        
wpyoung23 Out        
wu1j Out        
xavier1368 Out        
yoster47 Out        
zabbbbb Out