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Early Game Alert: The Week 7 TEN/LAC game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/21.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8
ACobb17 Out        
adg180 Out        
aesthetical Out        
alpaca7 Out        
altoonasmack Out        
AMaxS69 Out        
aminisci Out        
amorosech Out Out        
ashmouth Out        
audrey Out        
auroramike71 Out        
avilesg Out        
ayemac Out        
ballz017 Out        
balzack Out        
bambam72 Out        
barkeran77 Out        
Bartman2005 Out        
bati0016 Out        
bbrooker Out        
bdrohland Out        
Beaker41 Out        
beaker420 Out        
beej9 Out        
beerarmy Out        
BenNice Out        
betterhalf Out        
bgallant17 Out        
bgarcia Out Out Out        
bigfishe Out        
bigkat05 Out        
billybffl Out        
billyswim33 Out        
bip Out        
bkeeton21 Out        
bobbyc59 Out        
bobh6969 Out        
bobmalouf Out        
Bongobob42 Out        
bonobo4 Out        
bparker Out        
bpperry Out        
bradgray Out        
Brandond10 Out        
brandonjhoff Out        
Brianmattewwheeler1213 Out        
Brianpage_2 Out        
Brodie Out        
browndaa Out        
Bryanburke Out        
bschumm Out        
bwk2727 Out        
cah291 Out        
cam_raptor97 Out        
candyfloortrash Out        
cartmelldd Out        
cbnub Out        
Cbrew Out        
Ccudzilo Out        
cdub49ers Out        
cerow01 Out        
cfc Out        
cfolson Out        
chadoz Out        
ChicagoTK Out        
Chillidog Out        
chito6115 Out        
choboy Out Out        
chrisdur Out        
christensenm Out        
christophercccc Out        
ckhenry23 Out        
clayd531 Out        
cmcdjj37 Out        
cmelleno Out        
cmh6476 Out        
cmorman40 Out        
coachm1999 Out        
coachmad Out        
conan73 Out        
coolbrz515 Out        
corcoram Out        
craigomaniac Out        
criswick Out        
csmintz Out        
CStudinski Out        
ctballbuster Out        
ctrozzo Out        
cwgeorge Out        
cyberhap Out        
dagame Out        
dags Out        
Damion57 Out        
darylech Out        
davebieber Out        
Daveprops Out