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 Contests > Draft Buddy Survivor Contest  

We have a tie! Congratulations to all 7 of our winners. Thanks for purchasing the Draft Buddy and playing in the DB Survivor Contest!

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8
Damion57 Out Out        
darkness_awc Out        
Darkstar929 Out        
DAVE22 Out        
Daveprops Out        
David_Cleary Out        
dbn711 Out        
ddamon Out        
ddiamond1508 Out        
deejay Out        
dep24 Out        
depppp Out        
derno Out        
dga7882 Out        
dhaberman Out        
dingo37 Out        
djt_2 Out        
dmarino Out        
dominick Out        
donj1967 Out        
dpascoe Out        
Dpvwalk Out        
dpwpi Out        
drtrojan Out        
DrunkenFans Out        
dwindhorst Out        
dwod60 Out        
earljami Out        
eatong Out        
ebraga Out        
ec_hogan Out        
efxs25 Out        
ejakes Out        
elwooddd Out        
emoney28 Out        
endzondiva Out        
eph Out Out        
erikporter34 Out        
erosen Out        
Etansilos Out        
Fastswimmer Out        
fcgvp Out        
fhelmink Out        
Footer31 Out        
gene_schulz_2 Out        
gerg Out        
giler Out        
gladiator666 Out        
gmedford Out        
gncallaway Out        
go42na Out        
Goober57 Out Out        
gregkats Out        
gretchenqq Out        
guttergordin2010 Out Out        
hendercutter Out        
herbkthompson Out        
Hossmen Out        
houcowboy Out        
insertclevername Out        
intara5 Out        
Jaeger34 Out        
jakejmartinez Out        
jambaman Out        
jcargo93 Out        
jcarmistead Out        
jcastillo Out        
jcedwards Out        
jdub081 Out        
Jedihanna Out        
jeffniels Out        
Jerded Out        
jeschnee Out        
jfischer7 Out        
jflors Out        
jforgach21 Out        
jfranks Out        
jgrantham Out        
jgreenephd Out        
Jimmyt Out        
jkondusky Out        
Jkwright2 Out        
JLaB Out        
jml1972 Out        
jobiegermano Out        
joeforge_2 Out        
joesmith Out        
JoeViking Out        
JoeyW47 Out        
johnabbott Out Out        
jonguess Out        
jq27hhh Out        
jraff3 Out        
jrkopka Out        
jshupe_3 Out