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Early Game Alert: The NYJ/MIA game is being played in London. Any picks for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8
gestir Out        
ggood1992 Out        
ggoody58 Out        
gheckler Out        
giardo50 Out        
giler Out        
gimpygil Out        
gkuruc Out        
gladiator666 Out        
Glenjammin Out        
glenmccoy Out        
gmedford Out        
gmiholic Out        
gncallaway Out        
gnlyons Out        
gnrslash4life Out        
go42na Out        
godiago Out        
goskins94 Out        
gouz41 Out        
gpdtaxman Out Out        
graysdoug Out Out Out        
Gregger3 Out        
gregkats Out        
GridironFolley Out        
griff1914 Out        
grimreaper20 Out        
Grouchoman Out        
Grudge Out        
gsantinelli Out        
gsekelsky Out        
gsg3 Out        
gszaszko Out        
gtb112 Out        
gtj105 Out        
Guadelio Out        
gummo_dude Out        
gwallis Out        
gwgarcia Out        
g_rhymes Out        
hackblack Out        
halbie Out        
hamkill Out        
hammurobbie Out        
hamsdean Out        
handerb Out        
hansonb Out        
Harleyo Out        
harrymcback Out        
hasie Out        
hawkeyeScott Out        
hblersch Out        
Head Out        
henrock7499 Out        
herbkthompson Out        
hereforthebeer4 Out        
hifiguy Out        
hiwimonkey Out        
hokiegood Out        
Holdendeez Out        
Hossmen Out        
houcowboy Out        
huskerdave Out        
iamunixman Out        
iceman9099 Out        
iceyburnz_2 Out        
IDrinkMolson Out        
ificanstayhealthy Out        
illskillz Out        
image Out        
indybearsfan Out        
indyratpack Out        
insertclevername Out        
intara5 Out        
iporat Out        
IrishWhiskey Out        
I_Suck Out        
jackrabbit_slims Out        
jacksonray Out        
jafokdr Out        
jakejmartinez Out        
jamatz Out        
jambaman Out        
jamorosso Out        
jariah330 Out        
jarosenb Out        
jasonkoch Out        
Jax_spider Out        
jaychitnis Out        
JayC_VB Out        
JayDee Out        
jayhawkjch Out        
JayM913 Out        
jaymillstone Out        
jbronkella Out        
jbryant4 Out        
jbscruffy Out