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Early Game Alert: The Week 7 TEN/LAC game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/21.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8
daz187 Out        
Da_Bears Out        
dbn711 Out        
dcdolan4 Out        
dcreamer Out        
ddamon Out        
defensive dude Out        
dep24 Out        
depppp Out        
desertbirds Out        
Detwa Out        
deucerider Out        
dhurley1 Out        
dingo37 Out        
djwingsfan00 Out        
Dketch Out        
dlarock Out        
dlieske Out        
dlwalker6 Out        
docstark Out        
donchaney Out        
donnyr336 Out        
dope Out        
dpollaro Out        
dqt00 Out        
drewski_44 Out        
drm9798 Out        
drswede Out        
dst2020 Out        
dwinum Out        
dwrodriguez Out        
e105969 Out        
earljami Out        
eboeve Out        
ebraga Out        
EDism23 Out        
edysbryan Out        
Eferguson Out        
efxs25 Out        
elwooddd Out        
EMerckx Out        
erozanski Out        
fastimpex Out        
Fastswimmer Out        
ffgrandpa Out        
ffnukkie Out        
finsRback Out        
fishfool34 Out        
fld0906 Out        
fleaburger77 Out Out        
forster705 Out        
frank55555 Out        
frankr17 Out        
fried717 Out        
fvb9 Out        
f_burkhart Out        
gabrielyuen Out        
Gaia_Nostra Out        
ganryu Out        
garmargregmaddy Out        
Gator0516 Out Out        
Geejam Out        
gessin21 Out        
ghettaclue Out        
gladiator666 Out        
gmiholic Out        
gncallaway Out        
gnrslash4life Out        
go42na Out        
Goodash424 Out        
gouz41 Out        
graysdoug Out        
gregeol Out        
gregrandall Out        
groooveman Out        
Grouchoman Out        
Grudge Out        
gsekelsky Out        
gtb112 Out        
g_rhymes Out        
haggis Out        
HAQFFL Out        
hasie Out        
hearn34266 Out        
henrock7499 Out        
Hinks76 Out        
Hollowbeast Out        
Hossmen Out        
hot-tony Out        
hperdew92 Out        
iamunixman Out        
ifflelvi Out        
illskillz Out        
intara5 Out        
itsrvd Out        
I_Suck Out        
jacksonray Out        
Jaeger34 Out