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Early Game Alert: The Week 7 TEN/LAC game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 10/21.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8 Out        
Jakoplic Out        
JayC_VB Out        
jcargo93 Out        
jcrwfrd Out        
JDKeene Out        
jdub081 Out        
Jedihanna Out        
Jeff24 Out Out        
jeremy1969 Out        
jersey_tomatoes Out        
jflors Out        
jfranks Out        
JGByrne Out        
jgcrawfish Out        
JHowe04 Out        
jim1228 Out        
jimmyp48506 Out        
jjacks1993 Out        
jjohnsoncac Out        
jjrcash712 Out        
jjs Out        
JLaB Out        
jlaurx Out        
jmcmenamin Out        
jml1972 Out        
Jmpetersen Out        
Joeboo17 Out        
joeforge Out        
JoeViking Out        
JoeyW47 Out        
johnabbott Out        
johnfuller5 Out        
JohnnyD777 Out        
JohnnyPowerhead Out        
Johnson2 Out        
johntk55 Out        
johnvone Out        
joneicher Out        
joryosborne Out        
jplum311 Out        
jran2306 Out Out        
jrkopka Out        
jrowan Out        
jtb2288 Out        
jtg4gop Out        
juniorjuhl Out        
jus4u2envy Out        
jvahey Out        
JVANZ Out        
jwohlberg Out        
jwood08 Out        
kabackjm Out        
karch10 Out        
karlzaharia Out        
kasicajp Out        
kchcpa Out        
kdweaver Out        
kegel Out        
KenTakeda Out        
Kevin J Out        
keys211 Out        
kglass18 Out        
kharnist Out        
kherren Out        
kimosplace Out        
Kingpin_Gt Out        
Klapoint84 Out        
kltam00 Out        
kman63 Out        
kmcbroom_2 Out        
kmdub88 Out        
KOGO Out        
kohner Out        
konmtu Out        
krichmond Out        
kspear Out        
ktrue1208 Out        
kwa Out        
kymarlinfan Out        
ky_jelly67 Out        
laball Out        
labrec Out        
Laxdoc Out        
leefty Out        
LegalEagle Out        
legatea Out        
lellis Out        
lesgreen97 Out        
lethalpundit Out        
lildirienzo Out        
LLV Out        
lmilford Out        
Longhrn77 Out        
longman Out        
losman08 Out        
lostxn Out        
lowjo31 Out