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Early Game Alert: The Week 3 BAL/JAC game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 9/24.

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8
hiwimonkey Out        
HskrNaz Out        
hunter.paulw Out        
ifflelvi Out        
J-bob Out        
jafokdr Out        
Jakoplic Out        
james2229 Out Out        
jarosenb Out        
jaymillstone Out        
jbscruffy Out        
jcrwfrd Out        
jeremiah.crocker Out        
JerseyMick Out        
jflors Out        
jgarife Out        
jimaveli Out        
Jimmyt Out        
jjs Out        
jkamps Out        
joemamma_88 Out        
johnny59 Out        
joneicher Out        
jran2306 Out Out        
jtb2288 Out        
jwood08 Out        
kc4ever Out        
kcblue Out        
kckhawk Out        
kdweaver Out        
kevinacgi Out        
kevinkjarchow Out        
kfaegre99 Out        
KidTahoe Out        
killer_elite Out        
Kingpin_Gt Out        
konmtu Out        
kymarlinfan Out        
laball Out        
laoch Out        
Lbobbyb5 Out        
leafs_suck_1980 Out        
lellis Out        
ljs44 Out        
Lomax2Green Out        
lpompeo Out        
lsutoad_3 Out        
LunaTick Out        
LVGambler Out        
lwhamm Out        
macair747 Out        
markupton Out        
matt82377 Out        
McFfl Out        
melkins31 Out        
metjpw Out Out        
mhobson78 Out        
michbb Out        
MikeDieterle Out        
mikejanuszka Out Out        
mjacobs45 Out        
mmarino998 Out        
mnunnenkamp Out        
moffman17 Out        
MoGrizzled Out        
Morphy666 Out        
mselfridge Out        
msinn Out        
mushman66 Out        
mwunder Out        
navywings Out        
nawyee_2 Out        
nijer Out        
nlgadmin Out        
Patron7 Out        
pawilhelm Out        
Paydayz47 Out        
perkinds Out        
perknc Out        
phaeckel Out        
phatboypat Out        
philpo Out        
philthy23 Out        
picchu Out        
plefevre15 Out        
poontingles Out        
poppyjay56 Out        
prostrollo Out        
psychos_3 Out        
queler Out        
R2C2 Out        
rbeitzel Out        
rcdeluca Out        
rdove4 Out        
Reaper802 Out        
redbone8 Out