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 Contests > Draft Buddy Survivor Contest  

We have a tie! Congratulations to all 7 of our winners. Thanks for purchasing the Draft Buddy and playing in the DB Survivor Contest!

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 5Wk 6Wk 7Wk 8
jarosenb Out        
jcrummett Out        
jdiamond33 Out        
jedm Out        
jezzy1423 Out        
jgalt Out        
jgarife Out        
JHargrove Out        
jim1228 Out        
jimaveli Out        
jlratino Out        
johiah Out        
joryosborne Out        
jtb2288 Out        
jvahey Out        
JVANZ Out        
kcblue Out        
kegel Out        
KidTahoe Out        
kmdub88 Out        
knight_kl Out        
kramrice Out        
livitup Out        
lpawelak Out        
lpompeo Out        
lvpack3 Out        
mbombowsky Out        
Mbradley916 Out        
metjpw Out        
michaelnev Out        
Mine Out        
mlard Out        
moby36 Out        
mpblume Out        
Mr. Otto Out        
mr3putt Out        
MSWallack Out        
mtveronesi Out        
myworld Out        
nc_guy Out        
neutronron Out        
nflfootball Out        
nijer Out        
Paydayz47 Out        
phaeckel Out        
prostrollo Out        
prtrhd_2 Out        
pxtrain Out        
RabidBull Out        
raddad Out        
rbhorn Out        
rci47 Out        
redeemer Out        
robhenry Out        
robsenchak Out        
rosted345 Out        
samoi210 Out        
samzstuff Out        
simone Out        
Spartanpaully Out        
spence425 Out        
StBlazes Out        
steinba1 Out        
SteroidJunkies Out        
Stinky Pete Out        
stumpandgina Out        
stumpjumpers Out        
stvtaylor Out        
swriggle Out        
Tanq101 Out        
tator2k Out Out        
TBayXXXVII Out        
tcotter Out        
tcwebe Out        
tedreyes Out        
Testiculon Out        
themichaelf Out        
tkrawczy01 Out        
toddjim Out        
Tpyanks Out        
trib4c Out        
VFLCommish05 Out        
wayner22 Out        
Winesteward Out        
5by5 Out        
7mantle7 Out        
abbott1969 Out        
AbeFroman2 Out        
abigretard Out        
ahotpablo Out        
akdeuce2 Out        
altran77 Out        
arnoldsdolphins Out        
auroramike71 Out        
awrex1977 Out Out        
badfish442001 Out        
bbauman Out