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 Contests > Draft Buddy Survivor Contest  

We have a tie! Congratulations to all 7 of our winners. Thanks for purchasing the Draft Buddy and playing in the DB Survivor Contest!

Results for All Entries

Name Wk 9Wk 10Wk 11Wk 12
erothstein Out DAL CAR    
Grassgods Out DAL GB    
huskerdave Out SEA SD    
jtpar Out KC SD    
keith6969 Out KC [No Pick]    
Pvt.Joker Out DAL SD    
toddratliff Out KC NE    
12xuser Out GB      
aciafre33 Out GB      
amorrow836 Out GB      
BigDrinky Out GB      
bigredtopper1998 Out GB      
brentgreenwald Out MIN      
bschumm Out GB Out GB      
byerdon Out GB      
cmelleno Out GB      
depere Out GB      
dscotta Out GB      
feltersm Out MIN      
ificanstayhealthy Out MIN      
Jakoplic Out [No Pick]      
JDKeene Out [No Pick]      
lellis Out GB      
lostxn Out PIT      
misbe Out GB      
muskrat Out GB      
podman4 Out GB      
racetercel Out MIN      
RenoRick Out GB      
rustymitchener Out GB      
sproffit Out MIN      
TheCustodian Out GB      
tinman0707 Out GB      
2bmayhem Out        
ajbrandner Out        
altoonasmack Out        
AnthonyUngerman Out        
BadgerDave Out        
bageldoggies Out        
barrylicious Out        
beerarmy Out        
berto1972 Out        
billyjoel234 Out        
blaylock Out Out        
brandoneck Out        
brbolman Out        
bricks447 Out        
bytheway Out        
CaptainAmerica Out        
Cbrew Out        
cfavre Out        
chasepi Out        
ChicagoTK Out        
choboy Out        
cmh6476 Out        
coachm1999 Out        
corcoram Out        
cyberhap Out        
dagame Out        
DaveyJNMU32 Out        
deblitz Out        
dpcoke Out        
dragonstring Out        
drswede Out        
fantasy_star15 Out        
FFBaller Out        
fuhrmanator Out        
gbruxvoort Out        
gcane1216 Out        
gmiholic Out        
graysdoug Out        
greatnorthernpackfan Out Out        
grumps Out        
gsekelsky Out        
hereforthebeer4 Out        
hiwimonkey Out        
image Out        
islandviking Out        
I_Suck Out        
jcabral Out        
jeffschell75 Out        
jeremiah.crocker Out        
JGByrne Out        
Joeboo17 Out        
jplumsden Out        
jqueen930 Out        
jus4u2envy Out        
kdweaver Out        
Kenp Out        
kman63 Out        
KOGO Out        
kohner Out        
Koolrog Out        
Lix Out        
loserbrothers Out        
loynesmi Out        
mackrichey Out