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Results for All Entries

Name Wk 13Wk 14Wk 15Wk 16Wk 17
pterryp In          
Pvt. Joker In          
Pyax In          
R2C2 In          
randge In          
rdskinner In          
redeemer In          
Rhino11 In          
richb435 In          
ricpok In          
rjb9862 In          
rmcrecink In          
robhenry In          
ROBPRICECPA In          
rod2850 In          
rtalamante In  In          
sampatel99 In          
samzstuff In          
schneider In          
schumar In          
Shamrock85 In          
simone In          
sixshooter In          
sledgehammer In          
smardwig In          
sn1ffb0 In          
snookr88 In          
sostrovecky70 In          
spandolfo In          
Spartanpaully In          
spence425 In          
spiels In          
srybacki123 In          
starhowle In          
StBlazes In          
steve.b In          
Stinky Pete In          
stumpjumpers In          
Swanny1981 In          
sweeper9592 In          
TCat99 In          
tcwebe In          
TheCustodian In          
TheHolmes In  In          
tiggo25 In          
timcocchia In          
tinman0707 In          
tjadams2 In          
tkavsr In          
tmleafs26 In          
tmorriso In          
toddjim In          
toddmac101 In          
tory In          
travstein2 In          
trbowersjr In          
trianglenc In          
troy524 In          
twofive In          
tykerk In          
tylerhirsch In          
unlvbm In          
val2 In          
vandrex In          
volmoore In          
warlord8969_2 In          
whitey2876 In          
Willie_10 In          
Winesteward In          
WoodysHaze In          
writecat In          
wutan_6 In          
ying In          
zazzi20 In          
ZeroTolerance In          
Ziggyz In