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Early Game Alert: The NYJ/MIA game is being played in London. Any picks for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern.

Results for All Entries

Name Wild-CardDivisional
Super Bowl
2for3champ In        
710southfantasyleague In        
ajbrandner In        
avandelay In        
bbauman In        
bear261 In        
bench_warmer In        
BigJohnsons In        
bigmarvin007 In        
bombdiggity_2 In        
boulder8ball In        
brentgreenwald In        
brigel20 In        
Bruces In        
byerdon In        
bytheway In        
CAWAVES In        
cdexchange In        
chakabens In        
chasgh In        
cjguinan In        
Claudius In        
clavo40 In        
clayalt In        
cmelleno In        
colajokers In        
cquick11 In        
craigsakach In        
czneko In        
Danny33c In        
Dano19 In        
dan_freitag In        
Darkstar929 In        
dlwalker6 In        
dukebluenyk In        
Endie33 In        
estahl In        
floridaorbust2017 In        
gallo4018 In        
garrettjohn In        
Geejam In        
Grassgods In        
greenandgoldca In        
gregeol In        
groooveman In        
HskrNaz In        
ifamember In        
islandviking In        
jbwillingham In        
jcarmistead In        
jfkennedy54 In        
jgeist17 In        
Jloughner In In In        
jtpar In        
jwohlberg In        
kfaegre In        
konmtu In        
krog6 In        
kschaff67 In        
laball In        
lilsug In        
Machina In        
matteusey In        
McFfl In        
michaelpangallo In        
mikeashnm In        
MikeD8891 In        
mizzoin In        
navywings In        
Omnibot In        
philapa In        
phoneman137 In        
pudstudmj In        
PWill21 In        
richb435 In        
rizzobob In        
rlgilby In        
rmcveigh In        
robertsdr In        
scottd01 In        
slob In        
srhpdx In        
SteroidJunkies In        
Stinky Pete In        
tbohan In        
tcurlster In        
teo010 In        
tkrawczy01 In        
Tony.newberg In        
topolho In        
ttinsley4 In        
ttip608 In        
Turq93t In        
warcholc_2 In        
wastingtime In        
wheels53083 In        
Winklewinner In        
big77lou_2 Out        

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