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Early Game Alert: The Week 3 BAL/JAC game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 9/24.

Results for All Entries

Name Wild-CardDivisional
Super Bowl
mindyst Out        
mjwebe Out        
mlosse Out        
Mr.Wonerful Out        
mrocchini Out        
Muroh Out        
MVayP1_2 Out        
nicholskin Out        
nicksargent Out        
nikita2647 Out        
NiNERfan2112 Out        
ntz08 Out        
otis19 Out        
papastrutt Out        
patrickhosbach Out        
peacogs1 Out        
phil64 Out        
phx1ddg Out        
pinballnate Out        
PJ9999 Out        
pjones11 Out        
plaintiff Out        
Poolmngr Out        
pussus Out        
rattleshakes Out        
ravens70 Out        
Redriders Out        
Revo35 Out        
Rich5518 Out        
RichStansifer Out        
rightwingtroll Out        
Ritewing Out        
rjp Out        
rockymax_2 Out Out        
rogi Out        
rsilvers Out        
rsp107 Out        
russjohnson22 Out        
rwhitlow Out        
s29141 Out        
sbillmire Out        
sbruce Out Out        
sgrenier5 Out        
shawnlucas4 Out        
slugger10_2 Out        
smolnar Out        
ssd871 Out        
swipp17 Out        
syalda22 Out        
T2gossie Out        
tbone90125 Out        
theubiquitousd Out        
tim3622 Out        
timbarch Out Out        
tpaige75 Out        
Tpyanks Out        
treycurtis Out        
TSwish1 Out        
twiley51 Out        
u0131337 Out        
VOLER01 Out        
WasteMgt Out        
wiudavis Out        
ZenMatter Out        
12Koolrog Out        
abbott1969 Out        
acharpel Out        
adamedinger Out        
ajlabatt Out        
altoonasmack Out        
amorrow836 Out        
amutone Out        
Aoands Out        
avengedcountry Out        
ballz017 Out        
balzack Out        
Bart-Bill Out        
bbradley777 Out        
bclub Out        
bench_warmer Out        
benny1515 Out        
bergerkings Out        
bertox Out        
bhoffner Out        
Big_Cat Out        
billybry Out        
bk13 Out        
BLAKTHONGS Out        
BlasterBen Out        
bluegold85 Out        
bluejts Out        
bombdiggity_2 Out        
bparker Out        
bpossum Out        
brolo1986 Out        
BromosDad Out        
bsenright Out