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Early Game Alert: The Week 3 BAL/JAC game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 9/24.

Results for All Entries

Name Wild-CardDivisional
Super Bowl
mccull50 Out        
menelaos Out        
mgeneatkinson Out        
michaelnev Out        
Mike FF Today Out        
mikeb572 Out        
Mike_MacGregor Out        
mike_ut23 Out        
mkreisel Out        
mmrumm Out        
mmurray Out        
mobiusmorte Out        
mosesn Out        
mouriski Out        
mr3putt Out        
msurneb Out        
mxwheeler Out        
navyskcs Out        
nc_guy Out        
nguman Out        
Nitro1128 Out        
nobleone Out        
odusmagoo Out        
Ohiobomber Out        
omegabone Out        
omrebel4life Out        
paulbab1998 Out        
paulmrose Out        
peterdanna Out        
peterfsu Out        
pfeff Out        
pgranholm1 Out        
pikapp383 Out        
pitafortwo Out        
punsterr Out        
Pyax Out        
rbalsiger Out        
rcaruso Out        
rdnyhmltn Out        
rdtheheathen Out        
rdunn22 Out        
richb435 Out        
richcreed Out        
rllewis5 Out        
rmcveigh Out        
robconley Out        
Rocket21792 Out        
romedawgfan Out        
ronshig Out Out        
rtalamante Out        
ryankbruce Out        
samzstuff Out        
sckoehler Out        
sdunlop Out        
Shamrock85 Out        
shanlch Out        
shaunguth Out        
simone Out Out        
Slade Out        
Slumpbuster44 Out        
smithers215 Out        
smokeyspop Out        
snookr88 Out        
sskornia Out        
stevo90704 Out        
STLKU Out        
stltmk Out        
stumpandgina Out        
sufa Out        
Swammydawgs Out        
Tanq101 Out        
tardogs Out        
TCat99 Out        
tcotter Out        
tcstep0 Out        
tcwebe Out        
teamfear Out        
Tecmoboot Out        
tepoa58 Out        
theflound13_2 Out Out        
thrillfan22 Out        
Thundernuts Out        
tkrawczy01 Out        
tmannin Out        
Tmantony14 Out        
tmc185 Out        
toddratliff Out        
tschaible Out        
ttip608 Out        
twmac Out        
ukexpat Out        
unc2457 Out        
warcholc_2 Out        
wchamil Out        
Willie_10 Out        
wisref Out        
wjsrls Out