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Early Game Alert: The Week 3 BAL/JAC game is being played in London. Any pick for those teams must be made before 9:30 AM Eastern on 9/24.

Results for All Entries

Name Wild-CardDivisional
Super Bowl
jgalt In        
jgarife In        
JGByrne In        
jimaveli In        
jimharrison00 In        
jimmyp48506 In        
Jimmyt In        
jjmilla In        
jjohnsoncac In        
jjs In        
jkamps In        
JLaB In        
jlaurx In        
jmk10774 In        
jobiegermano In        
joeforge In        
joemamma_88 In        
JoeViking In        
JoeyW47 In        
johiah In In        
johnabbott In        
johnny59 In        
JohnnyPowerhead In        
Johnson2 In In        
joneicher In        
jonguess In        
jq27hhh In        
jran2306 In        
jrkopka In        
jrowan In        
jscdeuce1970 In In        
jt2659 In        
jtb2288 In        
jtg4gop In        
Jtjr39 In        
jtpar In        
juniorjuhl In        
jvahey In        
JVANZ In        
jwhalen In        
jwlantz In        
jwood08 In        
kabackjm In        
kanyecuse In        
karch10 In        
karlzaharia In        
KateDuff1 In        
kazz63758 In        
kc4ever In        
kcblue In        
kckhawk In        
kdeford In        
kdweaver In        
kegel In        
keith6969 In        
keskasrms In        
kev6950 In        
kevin1963moore In        
kevinacgi In        
kevinkjarchow In        
kfaegre99 In        
kglass18 In        
kharnist In        
KidTahoe In        
killer_elite In        
kimosplace In        
Kingpin_Gt In        
Klapoint84 In        
kman63 In        
kmcmillen33 In        
kmdub88 In        
knbgardner In        
kohner In        
konmtu In        
kplass In        
krog6 In        
ktrue1208 In        
kyllodog In        
kymarlinfan In        
laball In        
landerst In        
laoch In        
largefrog In        
Laxdoc In        
Lbobbyb5 In        
leafs_suck_1980 In        
LeeD In        
leefty In        
leerw1976 In        
legatea In        
lellis In        
lespullig In        
liquidicem In        
Lix In        
ljs44 In In        
llebob22 In