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 Contests > Draft Buddy Survivor Contest  

We have a tie! Congratulations to all 7 of our winners. Thanks for purchasing the Draft Buddy and playing in the DB Survivor Contest!

Results for All Entries

Name Wild-CardDivisional
Super Bowl
jsnake72 Out        
jt2659 Out        
jtg4gop Out        
jtung Out        
juniorjuhl Out        
kbh1000 Out        
kdudzik Out        
kerturner Out        
keskasrms Out        
kevinacgi Out        
kfaegre99 Out        
kglass18 Out        
kramertech Out        
Laxdoc Out        
LeeD Out        
leefty Out        
legatea Out        
LLV Out        
lo_riders Out        
LSUAlum2001 Out        
LunaTick Out        
LVGambler Out        
lwhamm Out        
maulerz Out        
mavs019 Out        
mdmcclin Out        
mhobson78 Out        
Mike FF Today Out        
mjfale Out        
mjprimetime Out        
mmena Out        
mmrumm Out        
moonjaker Out        
mr160507 Out        
mrbigdaddy67 Out        
mrbuckoman Out        
msinn Out        
Muroh Out        
nickm Out        
nick_3674 Out        
njkampas Out        
npteotia Out        
NYBurgh79 Out        
oceanguy Out        
osties99 Out        
par4ed4 Out        
Pasquale Out        
patricklanders Out        
Patron7 Out        
pchita1 Out        
perkinds Out        
PhillyPhan Out        
pikapp383 Out        
Pixburgh Out        
plefevre15 Out        
pmankear Out        
ptmcgee Out        
Pyax Out Out        
ramthepack Out        
rbalsiger Out        
rdnyhmltn Out        
rebooters Out        
rewsters Out        
Rhino11 Out        
ribs05 Out        
rick0918 Out        
rizzobob Out        
rmcveigh Out        
Roaddog Out        
robconley Out        
rod2850 Out        
rogi Out        
ronshig Out        
rspeigs Out        
rsrvrdog27 Out        
ryankbruce Out        
ryansg72 Out        
Samson41 Out        
scarter Out        
scott.haywood Out        
scottnord Out        
SCPATS1 Out        
sdbrev210 Out        
shaas31 Out        
siberianex Out        
sigipickl Out        
slob Out        
smd5049 Out        
smolnar Out        
sn1ffb0 Out        
snookr88 Out        
somersc Out        
spc10121980 Out        
sskornia Out        
staylor63 Out        
steamingheap Out        
steve.b Out        
stevenzwol Out        
supe1 Out