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Top 5 Free Agent Quarterbacks for 2019

With free agency just around the corner I’ll be highlighting some of the biggest names available at each skill position. I’ll match each player with a team that I think would be a best-case scenario for his fantasy value in 2019. Up next are the quarterbacks.

Nick Foles

After spending time with the Lions and Eagles in 2018, Golden Tate finds himself on the market in 2019.

1. Nick Foles

The legend of Nick Foles might command a little more money than what the actual Nick Foles has delivered from a statistical standpoint, but thereís no avoiding a couple things: First, he helped lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl win a couple years ago after taking over for an injured Carson Wentz, and second, that heís going to get a payday since heís a good enough signal caller to get a starting gig in the NFL. His numbers last season were passable (1413-7-4 in five games), and he completed 72.9% of his regular season passes. While itís not a certainty until he actually signs the deal, itís expected that Foles will sign with the Jaguars once free agency opens.

Best fit: Jaguars

Itís a foregone conclusion that Foles goes to the Jaguars, but letís take another look just in case. There arenít necessarily unlimited options for Foles, and the teams that could or should be in play may not be. The Raiders remain married to Derek Carr, the Giants are sticking with Eli Manning, the Broncos have acquired Joe Flacco, and the other teams that need a QB are either tanking or canít afford the price tag on Big Nick. The Dolphins could make a late splash, but Iím convinced they arenít serious about winning just yet.

Other possibilities: Dolphins, Redskins

2. Teddy Bridgewater

Bridgewater is highly coveted by a few NFL teams, but itís most likely as a backup or Plan B in case things donít work out in the draft. Bridgewater is just 26 years old, and heís a former first-round pick whoís shown he can manage an offense on the field and get victories. Itís been a while since heís been thrust into an actual meaningful game, but he had his moments in Minnesota and can be efficient despite underwhelming numbers (64.6% career completion rate, 6268-29-23 in 35 games). After Foles, he probably offers the most upside of the unrestricted free agents and quarterback depth seems to be getting increasingly more necessary.

Best fit: Redskins

I just donít see the Redskins heading into 2019 without a backup plan for Alex Smith. Bridgewaterís recently unexciting resume means heíll come at a discount, and Washington canít afford to spend much more on this position. If the offers donít come rolling in from the Redskins and other teams who need a plan for the future like the Giants, he might even end up back in New Orleans.

Other possibilities: Giants, Saints, Jaguars

3. Ryan Fitzpatrick

The 36-year-old Fitzpatrick isnít exactly the type of QB youíd build around at this point in his career, but heís an excellent backup coming off a productive season with Tampa Bay (2366-17-12 in eight games Ė not all as the starter). Heís capable of elite production in small batches, but when heís bad, heís really bad. Still, the addition of Fitzpatrick wouldnít be a bad thing for many teams, as heís a great veteran addition to the quarterback room and a grizzled competitor whoís still got something in the tank.

Best fit: Cardinals

The Cardinals are expected to move on from Josh Rosen and make a play for Kyler Murray with the No.1 pick Ė and some news reports have already surfaced claiming that Cards Kliff Kingsbury has even said itís a ďdone deal.Ē This means that Fitzpatrick could be a good fit as a backup to the

Other possibilities: Eagles, Giants

4. Tyrod Taylor

Taylor is a mobile QB who has never seemed to get a fair shake in the league, and has operated under so many different offensive coaches, heís never really gotten into a rhythm. His performance with the Browns last season wasnít really his fault, and Baker Mayfield shouldíve probably been given the reins before the season started anyway. But that doesnít mean Taylor canít be a decent stop-gap starter or very good backup in the NFL. At just 29 years old, heís a good balance between fresh and experienced, and his three decent seasons with Buffalo boasted a cumulative 92.5 QB rating over 44 games. Heís an accomplished runner out of the pocket, and while itís doubtful heíll command a long-term investment, thereíll be job for him in 2019.

Best fit: Bengals

Tyrod is still a smart, mobile QB who has plenty of life in his arm and his legs, and the Bengals need a guy like that even if they decide not to move on from Andy Dalton. Jeff Driskel was a disaster last season and clearly isnít up to the task, but Taylor makes sense as a relatively cheap option and a guy who could win a few games if the eventual starter goes down.

Other possibilities: Bucs, Giants

5. Colin Kaepernick

There are a few guys who could grab this last spot, but none have the cache of Colin Kaepernick. Iím not here to debate the reasons why he isnít already on an NFL roster or knee deep in offers, but heís done enough during his time as an NFL starter to warrant consideration before many of the other unrestricted free agents out there. What has changed for Kaepernick is the resolution of the collusion case he brought to the league. Sure, heís a longshot top play pro football in 2019 or at any point in the future, but there are teams who could use his abilities and leadership.

Best fit: Dolphins

The Dolphins make the most sense of the remaining teams that really need a QB. If theyíre serious about winning, they could sign Kaepernick and see what he can do with what has been a team lacking leadership and a quality QB. If they arenít, heíll definitely create a stir and bring some much-needed attention to this floundering franchise. Other than that, Kaep could find a backup gig in places like Seattle or Philly, where theyíll definitely need someone to battle Nate Sudfeld for the backup job.

Other possibilities: Seahawks, Eagles