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Q. Why am I getting an error message when the Draft Buddy tries to open?

A. Make sure you downloaded the correct version of the Draft Buddy for your version of Microsoft Excel. There are two files available from the member access download area. The Excel 2007-present version with (.xlsm) on the end of the filename will not work in versions of Excel prior to 2007. The older Excel versions with (.xls) on the end of the filename will work in all versions of Excel.

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Q. Why do I get an unreadable content error when I try to open Draft Buddy?

A. It has come to our attention that a few people who are using Windows 7 and usually Excel 2010 are getting this error. Read more info on this topic.

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Q. What version of Excel do I have?

A. Refer to the following images to determine which version of Excel you have.

Excel 2000: Versions prior to Excel 2007 look something like this...

Excel 2000

Excel 2007: Note the different menu setup in newer versions of Excel...

Excel 2007

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Q. Can the Draft Buddy be on two computers (home and work)?

A. Yes. You can save the file and move it around pretty easily. The best way to move the file between computers is to use a flash/USB drive. You can also copy the file onto a CD, but do not run the Draft Buddy off the CD because then you cannot save your changes.

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Q. Where is Projection Pal?

A. Projection Pal is a separate download from the same member access page that the Draft Buddy is downloaded from.

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Q. Is the Draft Buddy compatible with a Mac?

A. Yes, with one exception. The DB program requires a version of Microsoft Excel in order to function. The program is Mac compatible, however Microsoft lost their heads a few years ago and stripped out vital code making the DB incompatible with Mac Office 2008. The good news is, the DB does work with ALL OTHER versions of Mac Office, including Mac Office 2011.

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Q. Is the Draft Buddy compatible with OpenOffice?

A. Unfortunately, no. The DB will not work in OpenOffice due to the backend programming that is only supported by a full version of Microsoft Excel. However, you can download a trial version of Office direct from Microsoft. Excel is included in Microsoft Office. The trial version is fully functional and good for 60 days of use.

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Q. My league is a keeper league. Where do I input the keepers?

A. On the "rules" tab, input max number of keepers for your league, then hit the "Compile Cheatsheets," button on the "action" tab. The "keepers" tab will then be created and appear in-between the "action" and "summary" tabs.

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Q. Where is the IDP (individual defensive player) cheatsheet?

A. If any of the IDP positions (DL, LB, DB) are input as starters on the "rules" tab, hit the "Compile Cheatsheets" button on the "action" tab and the IDP cheatsheet will appear between the "offense" and "overall" tabs.

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Q. Can I use the Draft Buddy for multiple leagues?

A. Yes. Save a copy of the DB with a new filename for each of your leagues. Use Office Button > Save As.. > Macro-Enabled Workbook (.xlsm) for newer versions of Excel, or File > Save As.. (.xls) for pre-2007 versions of Excel.

You will have one file for each of your fantasy leagues. The best way to keep organized and know which league each file relates to is to make the filename unique to your league. For example, for a league named Dirty Dozen, save the DB as dirty_dozen_compiler_2011.xlsm.

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Q. How do the Overall Rankings / Custom Baselines options work?

A. The overall rankings and custom baseline options are used to adjust the comparison player of each position from which the player values are calculated for the overall rankings. Essentially, they are two different ways to put more or less emphasis on certain positions, which will increase or decrease the positions’ value in the overall rankings.

Here is an example of how the comparison player is determined: In a 12 team league with 1 QB starter and 2 RB starters and using the last starter overall ranking method gives us a comparison QB of the 12th QB, and a comparison RB of the 24th RB.

The "recommended" methods are not as simple as last starter or last drafted, but rather apply some pre-set custom baseline adjustments to various positions to try to account for position scarcity and risk by weighting some positions more valuable (i.e. RB) and some positions less valuable (i.e. K) relative to each other.

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Q. What Overall Rankings Method do you recommend?

A. Compiler Draft Pick Recommended for most traditional fantasy football leagues, which use a draft pick style draft and teams start 1 QB.

Compiler Auction Recommended for similar leagues but that use an auction style draft. Note auctions, and assessing appropriate player values for auctions, are more variable from league to league based on subjective factors such as how aggressive or conservative the owners are bidding on players. If your league has some prior year auction history, review this to assess the appropriateness of the DB values.

For leagues that start 2 QB, then the Median Players Drafted tends to be a good method.

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Q. What do the “U” and “D” mean beside the player names on the cheatsheets?

A. These identify the players whose projections were increased (moved up - U) or decreased (moved down - D) in the last projection update.

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Q. Can I change the ranges in the Distance Scoring boxes on the "scoring" tab?

A. No. Only cells highlighted in yellow on the "scoring tab" are intended to be changed.

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Q. My league uses a Team QB position. How can I incorporate that into the DB?

A. Download this file which includes formulas to create team QB projections. The formulas add all of the individual player projections by team, and puts the sum beside the QB who is #1 on the depth chart. Open the file, copy the formulas and paste them to the same spot in your copy of the Draft Buddy.

Then, you need to change the allocation key on the QB tab in your DB to point the projected fantasy points calculations to the new team QB projections. Scroll to the left on the sample file and you'll see a note identifying where to do this.

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Q. My league uses an Offensive Team position. How can I incorporate that into the Compiler?

A. The following steps will work for adding an Offensive Team position, an Offensive Line position, or separate Special Teams position (split off from Team Defense), but only if your league does not use one of DL, LB or DB positions:

  1. Go to the DEF tab and copy all the team names.

  2. Go to the DL tab and paste the team names over the top 32 DL players.

  3. On the DL tab, delete all of the projections. Then under one of the columns (say Tackle), rank the offensive teams from 1 to 32, 32 being best and 1 being worst.

  4. Go to the "scoring" tab and change the tackle scoring for DL to equal 1 point per 1 tackle.

  5. Go to the "rules" tab and insert 1 starter for DL.

  6. Hit "Compile Cheatsheets" on the "action" tab.

Now your offensive teams should be split out separately from the DEF and ranked on the IDP cheatsheet. Note prior to updating projections, select "yes" in the "Skip IDP Update" option on the "action" tab, otherwise it will overwrite the changes made to the DL tab.

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Q. How do I input a custom draft order (not serpentine or straight)?

A. Click on the team (or owner) names on the draft report tab beside each pick under the Original Draft Pick Owner column. You will notice a drop-down box appear, from which you can select a different team that owns the draft pick. Continue this same method for the entire draft. If some rounds are the same, then copy and paste (suggest Edit > Paste Special > As Values) one round to another to help speed up the process.

Note if you input a custom draft order, DO NOT use the straight or serpentine drop-down as it will remove your custom draft order.

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Q. How do I find the bye weeks for the players I drafted?

A. Go to the rosters tab, and notice the "+" signs across the top of the tab, one for each team. Click the "+" sign above your team and it will unhide columns with detailed information for each player on your roster, including the bye weeks. You can choose to unhide the same information for each team in your league.

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