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Create Custom Cheatsheets

The first half of the DB is designed to create custom cheatsheets for YOUR fantasy football draft. Input your own fantasy league's scoring system and other variables, and the DB creates custom draft cheatsheets based on projections from Mike Krueger of FFToday.

You can also tweak the projections as you see fit, or add your own projections, or input someone else's and average them together. The DB handles all fantasy positions including individual defensive players (IDP) . It includes prior year stats so you can check each player's production over the past few years and a super handy depth chart to boot. This is an absolutely great tool for anyone, especially for people in multiple leagues!
  • Create customized player ranking cheatsheets tailored for your league
  • Player projections from FFToday updated regularly until the start of the season
  • Player season stats from 2021-2023 plus last 8 games of 2023
  • Project 2024 player stats using optional weighted averages of prior year stats
  • Input your own 2024 stat projections and/or projections from up to 6 fantasy football websites or other sources
  • Optional methods to create overall ranking cheatsheet, including draft pick style and auction style draft recommended position weighting methods
  • Set your own custom overall ranking method by putting more or less emphasis on each position
  • Cheatsheets include full player name, team, bye week, projected fantasy points and average draft position (ADP)
  • Tiers to identify drop-offs in player value
  • Full auction league support
  • Individual defensive player (IDP) support
  • Handy one-page depth chart for offense and IDP
  • Color highlight positions on the cheatsheets
  • Support for multiple leagues - simply save a separate file for each league
  • Update projections, depth charts, and ADP data with the click of a button
  • Offense and IDP flex position options, including ability to add any position (QB, RB, WR, TE, K or DL, LB, DB) to the flex position
  • Touchdown and FG distance scoring options
  • Projections for 300 passing yard and 100 rushing/receiving yard games
  • Player vitals (height, weight, age, experience) and direct links to FFToday player pages added to position tabs
  • Stats include key RB, WR and TE receiving target data
  • Projection Pal import projection tool to help you add projections from other websites to the DB (separate download from members area)
  • Expanded offense cheatsheet ranks top 60 QB, 100 RB, 100 WR and 38 TE
  • Offense and IDP cheatsheets include change column to show recent player movement
  • Information box showing your date/time of last update, plus a button to perform a quick check if a new update is available
  • Projection update status box to show real-time update progress
  • Custom fields available to allow user to input any info they choose for any and all players
  • Player notes updated from FFToday
  • Player notes field for user to input their own notes for any player
  • Alternate "with notes" cheatsheets to show custom fields and player notes
  • Player tab to allow for statistical and graphical analysis and comparison of any two players
  • Rank your cheatsheets by any data input in the Custom Fields
  • Include data input in the Custom Fields to your league scoring options
  • Tailor Custom Fields by position

Track Your Draft or Auction

Once you have your custom cheatsheets, the second half of the DB helps you track your fantasy football draft as it progresses, updating team rosters, draft reports and knocking players off your DB created cheatsheets. The program takes care of your admin work on draft day, so you can do what is most important, drafting the best players that will lead you to the grand prize - your fantasy football championship! The DB is better than a co-manager. It doesn't talk back and you don't have to split the winnings!
  • Prepares schedules to track your draft based on your league settings
  • Optional methods of inputing players as they are drafted, including fast and easy "draft from anywhere" functionality
  • Drops players off your cheatsheets clean and easy as the draft progresses
  • Tracks every team's roster with bye week, projected fantasy points and salary cap information
  • Full keeper and dynasty league support
  • Full auction draft support
  • Flexible draft or nomination order methods: serpentine, straight or custom
  • Easy re-rank and re-tier players, or adjust projected bid amounts for auction leagues
  • Auction inflation calculations adjust projected bid amounts on remaining players as owners over or under-spend from initial estimates
  • Includes Average Draft Position (ADP) data to assess when players are typically drafted
  • Color highlight positions on the cheatsheets
  • Cool draft summary tab includes current pick status, league draft summary, top ranked players available, top ADP players available and your team roster
  • Handy countdown timer for live drafts
  • Trash talking sound effects to play at the push of a button, or integrated with the countdown timer

Importing Projections

Projection Pal is a completely optional add-on for the Draft Buddy, but what it does is help import alternate projections, rankings, stats, notes or any player data you can find (on the Internet) that you want in the DB. The DB includes 3 sections for alternate projections, 3 custom fields for each position, and a section for user notes. You can use Pal to import data into any of these sections. Then within the DB you can take advantage of features to average projections, use cheatsheets with notes, include custom fields into the scoring, and more.

Proven Track Record

FFToday's player projection guru Mike Krueger has used the Draft Buddy to win many "Expert" leagues including the 2003 $5000 FF Champs Challenge. Also, Krueger is a 4-time champion of the Fantasy Shootout taking home titles in 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007. In an independent study done by Rotosource, FF Today's 2006 Stat Projections ranked 2nd for accuracy and finished 5th in the 2008 Accuracy Challenge run by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

DB creator Mike MacGregor earned his own impressive fantasy football track record over the years. He is the only three-time winner of the Dirty Dozen Experts League (2004, 2006 and 2009). He competed in the SOFA IDP Experts League from 2005-2008 and earned two #1 seeds, one #2 seed and a wild-card playoff berth in those years. In 2010, Mike took his first crack at the National Fantasy Football Championship (NFFC) and had the top regular season head-to-head record in his league. Plus Mike has numerous local league playoff appearances and championships on his resumé.

Rest assured you are getting a product that will help you win your league! But don't just take our word for it. Hear it from the people who matter the most, our thousands of satisfied past customers. Check the testimonials for just a small sample of comments they've sent us over the years.

Updates Right Into September

We don't expect you to download the Draft Buddy and never hear from us again. The player projections in the DB will be updated constantly through July and August to the very start of the regular season. This way you can always create your custom rankings based on the most up-to-date info. This also includes updates to the depth charts and average draft position data, easily updated over the Internet with the push of a button.

Superior Tech Support

We take a lot of pride making sure you get the absolute best results out of your experience using the Draft Buddy. When you have a question, you need a quality answer, quickly. This is important stuff. This is for your FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT! You will get exactly that every time. We're on the computer day and night responding to any and all questions sent by email or posted at our Draft Buddy Message Board here at FFToday.

System Requirements

Do not breeze by this part! To run the Draft Buddy you need a full version copy of Microsoft Excel, the most popular spreadsheet program in the world and included with Microsoft Office. The benefit of Excel is the DB are both Windows and Mac compatible, with one exception... the DB does not work with Mac Office 2008.

Never used MS Excel before? No problem. The DB is designed to be extremely user friendly. You just input a few cells, click a button and it takes care of the rest. Plus, we will make you an Excel expert by the end of this if we need to :)

The DB comes in one unzipped file and works equally on Windows and Mac computers. Start Excel on your computer. From Excel, select Office Button > Open or File > Open (older Excel) and browse to the folder where you saved the DB. Select and open.


Check out the Draft Buddy Message Board or send an email to Mike MacGregor and he will respond ASAP.