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The response over the last 24 years has been overwhelming...

  • This is my first year getting back into FF after a long time. Says a lot about your product that after all these years I remembered it and knew I needed it for my draft! - Valeri

  • I won my fantasy football league the last two years in a row thanks to you guys. - George

  • I crush my leagues every year with this thing. - John

  • I have used your site for years!! One of my favorites. You guys have been a huge part of my 6 championship seasons, two more than anyone in the league. Keep up the good work. - Ron

  • Thanks so much for Draft Buddy! Itís taken me to many a championship over the years!! :) - Tracey

  • 13th year… great draft tool… I won my league again last year and for the 4th year in a row had the highest point projection for my drafted starting lineup.

  • This will be my third consecutive year using Draft Buddy. I am in a more than 25 year, ultra-competitive 16 team PPR. Thanks to Draft Buddy and FFT articles, my recent drafts have consistently graded out at the A level based on CBS Sportsline evaluation. I haven't found anything nearly as useful for the cost!

  • I used Draft Buddy for the first time last year, which was my second overall year in FF, and won my league. That is a great tool you have made! Thanks!

  • I used Draft Buddy last year and I WON MY LEAGUE. I did this mostly on the strength of my draft with minimal waiver wire moves. This is the ONLY tool I use on draft day - there's no need for anything else. The updates are timely/frequent, the advice is spot on and the support is EXCELLENT - better than ANY out there. If you're in a league that's playing for money (who isn't?), then Draft Buddy is a MUST! I mean every word of that. Thank you for everything you guys do! - Eric

  • First, I love Draft Buddy!!! It has definitely helped me win a couple of championships and finish in the money a few other times. DB is definitely worth the money and I appreciate the early bird option that you offer every year. I'll be tweaking DB on Friday for my drafts on Sunday and Monday. Keep up the good work!!!!! - Jim

  • Love you guys. You are my "sleeper" and have been using your info since the beginning. I've won many championships and I'm always in contention

  • Love the site, only website I use for my draft/season fantasy info.

  • Iíve been using your website for about 15 years and Draft Buddy for probably 10 now, and it has always been the best tool Iíve had. So, thanks again! - Mark

  • Our league just held our 33rd annual Fantasy Football Draft. I am for the first time, using FFToday for my customized draft and my weekly starter projections. Thank you for the free access and the wealth of information. Hopefully I'll bring home the traveling trophy. - Mick

  • Hereís a screenshot of my first draft for the year: An ďA+Ē rating!!! My opponents are furiousÖ (and scared). Thanks for all your hard work. The $16.95 was worth the price alone to listen to them gripe and groan. Haha! Have a great season. Thanks again for helping me compete all these years. - David

  • Love your product Ė itís been very helpful. Thanks for it, and please keep it up! - David Bower

  • Draft Buddy continues to kill it for me each and every year. I think I'm about 4-5 years in now, I love it! - Trevor

  • You have the best draft tool hands down! I've done free trials of some other tools over the years but none beat Draft Buddy! Thanks again! - John

  • That's perfect. Thanks again for your help. I don't know how long I've been using your service.....8 years? More? I've been in a work league and a league with buddies all these years. I've won work twice, and made the playoffs over half the years. I've won my buddy's league 5 times and missed the playoffs once. Other than using the draft buddy, I do very little prep for the drafts to be honest. Thanks for everything! - Tim

  • Love the product. Last year 3 leagues. Won 2 championships and 2nd place in third league. - Mark

  • I've finished 1st or 2nd for the last 5 years, and I believe the DB is a big reason. - Don

  • Mike, I've been a customer for the past four seasons. In that time, with the use of your product I have:

    Year 1 - Made the Playoffs
    Year 2 - Won Championship
    Year 3 - First year in new auction league - went to championship game, lost
    Year 4 - Returned to the championship game (playing the same opponent) won

    Let me just say this - Thank You. It is obvious that your product has helped me perform consistently and finally win a couple of championships. Thought you'd like to know that. - Mark

  • Awesome! - Lloyd

  • Thanks again for your work, it is great! The tool is priceless and your support is top rated! - John

  • I love this program, keeps me competitive in every fantasy league I have been involved with coupled with great FA pick-ups during the year, but the core team I draft keeps me in the running for the League Championship every year! - Tushar

  • Mike, Thanks for all the great work! In a league that has been around for 15 years, I was first or second in points 11 out of the 16 weeks, set a new record for most points in one week, most points in a season, and took home some decent cash that would pay for this service for the next 20 years. Doubt I can draft like that again... but I know I couldn't do it without the Cheatsheet Compiler and Draft Buddy! - Todd

  • I finally wanted to send a testimonial to you, because the FFtoday website is great and the Cheatsheet Compiler and Draft Buddy are fantastic. Most people think about a radio duo when they think of "Mike & Mike", but I think about the guys that work very hard to give the smart people (who use FFtoday and CC&DB) a leg up in their fantasy football leagues. I've been playing this game for 20 years and thought I could figure out all of the formulas needed to know how to rank and draft players, but I was wrong. I simply didn't have the time to work on it, and besides, you guys have already done it for us! There is no doubt in my mind that the reason I have taken first place in my money league during the regular season, and scored the most points by a wide margin for the past 3 years, is directly attributable to my using CC&DB and the FFtoday website. I recommend FFtoday and CC&DB to the fantasy football world, but I'm not telling the other guys in my money league. I only wish I had been smart enough to start using it sooner. I do know that I will be a returning customer, year after year, because I don't believe there's a better service out there anywhere, at any cost. Once you've found what works, stay with it! Thank you, Mike & Mike, you guys do an outstanding job! - Dave, Springfield, VA

  • I will be purchasing this again, and will use it for my league. Best one out there. Thanks again - your program is awesome. - Greg

  • You will be getting my business once more this year guys. You run the tightest fantasy ship on the 'net and I'm more than eager to throw the website out to any who will be drafting... just not in MY league you understand!

  • This is the 3rd straight year I'll be buying the Compiler and Draft Buddy. Its an amazing product. Better than anything else out there. I tore up my league last year all the way to the championship. Thanks for all your help. - Alex

  • You guys should be customer support consultants for a lot of companies... keep up the good work. - Billy

  • Mike, I just wanted to say what a great product you have. Its absolutely amazing. I have been a part of several fantasy football leagues over the last few years, and have had limited success (several play-off appearances, but no titles). After blowing my money on several magazines with obsolete information each year I thought I would give your product a try. I won my 1st Super Bowl last year using nothing other than an updated and configured FF Today Cheatsheet Compiler. I'm a believer and would endorse this product to anyone, so long as they are not in my league.

    In addition to a fantastic product, the bulletin boards are the perfect resource for questions about the product. I was amazed at how responsive and helpful your staff was, considering the low cost of your product. Please keep up the great work, you have a subscriber for life.

    Thanks again for a truly user friendly, dynamic, up to date resource. I can't say enough about your product, but "awesome" seems to sum it up the best. - Gar

  • Thank you very much, it is very much appreciated and I will tell everyone I know who is not in my league to buy your product because it is absolutely amazing, and I have not seen anything like it. - Marc

  • I am not a hard core fantasy football "addict". In fact, other than some of the bigger names in the league like Manning and Favre, I do not know all the players of each team. This is why I like FF Today and the Cheatsheet Compiler. It helps me pick my fantasy team better than the magazines and other information out there. All I want to do is enjoy the NFL and make enough ker-ching to pay for my beer. Thanks FF Today. - W.B.

  • Thank you. Love Draft Buddy. I've won my league Super Bowl 2 years in a row, both built on the Draft Buddy foundation. - Mark

  • I've been very impressed with how attentive you are to your product and customers, and that was a big selling point for me. Keep up the good work! - Alex

  • I must say that you are the best when it comes to fantasy football prep! I have 4 older brothers in my family and I have been playing FF with them for a few years now. Thanks to the Compiler and Draft Buddy, last year I finished ahead of them, and being the only girl in the family it feels good. Thanks. - Karen

  • Just a note that last year was my first year using the Compiler, and I went 13-2 and won the league. I am a believer. - Barry

  • Best draft tool by far....been using it for a few years now and it gets better every year, but the best part about the product is the customer service. I don't think I've ever waited more than a few hours for a response to any question I've had. Mike goes out of his way to make sure the product does what you need. - John

  • If you are going to arm yourself with one single tool to assist you in your draft, this is the one. In fact, this is all I have used the last 2 years. - MoFunk from the Forums

  • I just want to let you know that I love the Complier and Draft Buddy. It makes it so easy to handle the quick decisions during the draft. I used it last year for the first time and I won my league. - Steve

  • I have to say the Compiler/Draft Buddy is a great product for the money, and the support I have received is just outstanding! - Doug

  • I freaking love the Cheatsheet Compiler...this is my 4th year running! - Ben

  • I have used the Compiler the last 2 years: 6 leagues, 2 titles, a 3rd and a 4th. $2500 profit. While I'd like to think that I'm pretty good at this FF stuff, the Compiler certainly helps in my draft preparation. It's great to have during the draft as well when projecting if that special player may just happen to fall far enough. Thanks. Nice tool. I can now afford to be a customer for the next 200 years! - Steve

  • Keep up the great work, your Cheatsheet Complier and Draft Buddy help me both as a commissioner and a owner to win back to back championships! I might have to lose this year just so everyone comes back.... naw! - Rich

  • Thanks again. I have used this since 2001 in 2 leagues. I have made the playoffs every year, and have 3 Championships as well. Your Compiler has been very instrumental in my dominance. - Shawn

  • No question this is THE tool to have at your draft. Especially in those late rounds when everyone else is just scrambling to come up with a name that someone isn't going to laugh at. I know that I will continue to use CC & DB for as long as it's offered. - Chris

  • It's a spectacular tool. That thing gets me all the info I need. I love being able to print it out and off to the draft I go...all my time is spent in preparation, and the worst part is the assembly. I enjoy the research and projections - I hate compiling it into lists for my various scoring systems. The compiler saved me a day's work last season. - Scott

  • This is my thrid year using the Compiler and I swear by it! Nice work, guys! You out do yourselves each year! - Patrick

  • Been using the Compiler for 3 years and made the playoffs every time. Last year 3 buddies and I did a 4 team auction league for fun (and a free lunch this draft). I ran it through the Compiler and got what looked like oddly high values for some players, but decided to use it anyway... well, it worked fantastically. The other guys balked at the value I placed on several players, but I spanked the 4 of them all season long!!! - PC_Bucs from the Forums

  • Won in 2 leagues last year with it, I'm sold! - Joe

  • Happy to see the Draft Buddy back for another year. Last season I won my second Super Bowl in a row. That makes 3 Super Bowl wins in the past 4 seasons using the CC and DB. I'm in a 10 team league that has had virtually the same 10 owners for 17 years so we are a very competitive league. Thanks again for your great product. I'll be a customer again this season. - Wade

  • I just wanted to let you know how much I value your work... In the last two years, using the Compiler, I have won three of the four leagues I've played in and finished second in the other. I don't get any other magazines or even use other website projections, just the Compiler and good common sense drafting. It's the best money I'll spend this summer! I've also had success in a traditional performance-based scoring league (two-time defending champ) and a touchdowns-only league. The Compiler has been great for both! - Jeff

  • I love the Cheatsheet Compiler and have been using it for 3 years. Thanks for the obvious amount of work you've put into this. I play in two different leagues with two diverse scoring systems and the Compiler makes the draft in each go smoothly. Since I've been using the Compiler I have won both leagues and finished no lower than second in the year's in which I didn't win...if only the Compiler could predict injuries! - Kevin

  • Damn that Compiler was super helpful this year. The ranking of players was spot on. Jeez - guys like Chad Johnson, Jon Kitna, Freddie Jones, etc. (2003 season) have really helped my team and they weren't really on my radar screen previously. I am eagerly awaiting next years version. - David

  • Excellent! What a great drafting tool. The days of fumbling through scores of papers and magazines are done. FF TODAY..."YOU ARE DA MAN!" - Mike

  • Outstanding customer service. Thank you. - Dennis

  • The Compiler is great. I used it last year and won my league. It makes draft night a breeze. - Sean

  • Your Draft Buddy and Compiler are awesome products...and are surpassed only by your quick and informative responses to my technical questions concerning them. I am very happy and a lifelong customer. - David

  • So you know I paid for this (Compiler) and **** (competitor's product). But I stopped using **** because I like yours so much better. More info and easier to use. - Jeff

  • I love the Compiler, it's my second year using it. Great work! - Dan

  • Just downloaded and took the Compiler and Draft Buddy for a spin. I thought it rocked last year, but this totally kicks ass!!!! The ADP really helps. I wondered why the overall list didnít tier Ė but found your response to this on the message boards. Makes perfect sense how to use them by position, then compare to overall. I love it. I LOVE IT ALL! I LOVE YOU! If I wasnít already married, I might just propose! - Allison

  • I love your product. No lie, I played my very first year of fantasy football last year. I played in two different leagues with no idea of what I was doing. I found your product and used it exclusively for both of my drafts. My good friend thought I was crazy. At the end of the year I was champion of both leagues I played in. Thanks to your product I can't wait to draft this year. - Pat

  • Much appreciated. Fell in love with the Compiler last year. I'm a customer for life. - Sean

  • The program is fantastic and I will be a customer for years to come. - Ed

  • Thank you very much for your immediate response to this question, and may I say you have got a gold mine there. The best system I have come across to date my 3rd year using it. Keep up the great work it is well appreciated by myself and a lot of other football fanatics. - Oscar

  • Great Mike, thanks very much for the quick reply and for the great product. I don't know what I'd do w/o it! - Jess

  • I am sorry to say that I won't recommend this product to the guys in my league. But I will tell everyone else! Your service is great. - Sal

  • Once again, thank you for not only a killer product, but also the extra effort you took to make sure I was satisfied. I wouldnít hesitate to recommend you guys to my other fantasy cohorts... After I whoop their asses, that is. ;-) - Justin

  • I LOVE the Compiler / Draft Buddy. I was originally just looking for stats from last year that I could download, and I was going to put them into Excel myself. I finally got the point that I figured spending $15 was a better use of my time than spending 4+ hours getting all the stats I wanted entered. Your product has done that and MUCH more. I love being able to EASILY play the what-if game. Then being able to take that data and import it into a draft spreadsheet is sheer genius. You most likely have a customer for life. - Jason

  • Just wanted to let you know that I'm a huge fan of the Cheatsheet Compiler and especially the Draft Buddy. I'm getting geared up for my league draft and I know it will be a huge help. The fact that you can import your cheatsheet into the Draft Buddy and have the players removed as the draft progresses is huge! No more shuffling papers around trying to find things. Also, the updates are really helpful. It's nice to have up to date info reflecting what's going on in training camps. I will definitely purchase this again next year. Keep up the good work. - Duncan

  • Thanks for the quick help. Your customer service is second to none. Keep up the good work. I love your product. - Scott

  • I used your Cheatsheet Compiler last year and gave my wife a copy of the sheet to help her during the draft. I used my superior football skills and deviated from the overall list and she followed it verbatim. She kicked our ass with me following up with a 150 point deficit in second place. Needless to say she can get her own copy this year. - James

  • Just wanted to drop a line to tell you guys the Compiler and especially the Draft Buddy are great! Itís worth every penny. I just hope nobody in my league(s) gets a copy. - Jason

  • Thanks for the info and, by the way, I won my league (and over $1,000) using your rankings last year. Keep up the good work. - Mike

  • I used the Compiler/Buddy last year and it turned draft night from what used to be a nightmare as the Commissioner into a dream come true. The ability to nearly instantly answer the question "Has so-and-so already been taken?" is, as the commercial says, "Priceless". Many thanks for a GREAT tool! - Pete

  • Mike, you are the man and this program is the bomb! I won my pool last year thanks to the program. Great work and keep it up! - Darrien

  • Thank you, again, for the help! Great Customer service is what will make a company succeed, and personal service is even better!!! - Anton

  • Thank you. For the 2 years I have been in FF I have used your Compiler, and in a very competitive 12 man league that has 4 playoff spots I have made it to the playoffs both years and the Super Bowl 1 year. Thanks again and great job on the Compiler. A must have. - Eric

  • You are absolutely amazing!! Thanks for all your help. I think the support you provide in e-mail and on the boards is incredible!!! Keep up the good work! - Chris

  • I'm a commissioner of a head to head performance league and the Compiler was excellent! I used it last year to help me in draft and could really see the advantage it provided me. I really like the Draft Buddy too. I'm a mock draft nut and must have run through 10-15 drafts to prepare for our real online draft. Excellent product. Worth every bit of the money (you've probably undervalued it!) - Steve

  • Wow, Wow, triple Wow. Totally great service. - Danny

  • Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved the Draft Buddy for 2002. I used the Compiler in 2001, but the addition of the Draft Buddy in 2002 was HUGE. My draft was stress free and I was able to do REAL analysis rather than crossing off players and flipping through stat sheets and magazines. I started off the season with a bang and easily won my 10 team league. Thanks again for all your hard work. I look forward to seeing how you can improve on perfection for 2003. - Wade

  • I want to thank you for your Cheatsheet Compiler program. I have done fantasy football for years and this program made it so much easier. This was the first year I was a commissioner of a league and while everyone had notebooks and magazines spread out all over the place, I just had my computer and your program. It not only helped me keep the players ranked but it allowed me to easily keep up with who drafted who and when. Thanks to the help of your program I took 1st both halves. I hope you provide this program again this year. Thank you again. - Frankie