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 Contests > CC/DB 3 And Out!  
One Compiler Customer Will Win $5,000

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The player picked at each position must meet or exceed the fantasy points cutoff for that
position to survive the week.
Fantasy Points Cutoff: QB = 18.0 FPts | RB = 12.0 FPts | WR = 9.0 FPts

Playoff Results

Name Status Wild-Card Division Conference Superbowl
cmelleno   Winner RB M.Turner
kramertech   Winner RB M.Turner

Results for All Entries

Name Status Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16 Week 17
kieleszd Out          
kirbjohnson Out          
kmburde Out          
knthornt Out          
kricket94 Out          
labrec Out          
laizydaiz Out          
lance110 Out          
landgraftj Out          
Lemmings Out          
lhalonen Out          
limedog1 Out          
livestrong5480 Out          
ljs44 Out          
lmckain Out          
longman Out          
luckeydogs Out          
LuckyBill Out          
lunati_347 Out          
Madcat2 Out          
mad_dog_ryan Out          
maitres Out          
malukalu Out          
mamasandthepapi Out          
ManifestDestiny Out          
mantooth Out          
Mark01cro Out          
markb723 Out          
markupton Out          
MasterBrewer Out          
maxime614 Out          
mbombowsky Out          
mcrouch01 Out          
mdaughtry Out          
mdebernardis Out          
mdeitrich Out          
mdmcclin Out          
Mercaptins Out          
mernster Out  Out          
mikebreg Out          
MikeD8891 Out          
mikerc971 Out          
mikeshoe60 Out          
mikeymon1 Out          
MillerRock Out          
minorpc Out          
mirkinator Out          
missed7pin Out          
mjordan68x Out          
mjp341 Out          
mkuhn83 Out          
mmena Out          
mmhouse Out  Out          
mpaciello Out          
Mr.Landry Out          
msgeueke Out          
msinn3 Out          
mspade17 Out          
MT Out          
mtheibert Out          
mur0180 Out          
mustvid Out  Out          
mxwheeler Out          
NapsNutz Out          
nastasi56 Out          
natchap Out          
nbirt Out          
Neek Out          
ngodwin Out          
nickyg529 Out          
NitrouStang96 Out          
nomadrt77 Out          
norseman Out          
nutpunter2 Out          
nutritnguy Out          
OD99 Out          
Oenoboy Out          
Oil and Lubes Out          
oldcrow9 Out          
oscarinkc Out          
oswegosteve_2 Out          
otis7732000 Out          
otisbulldog8 Out          
Overhand Out          
ozbuck63 Out          
ozzie2k Out          
Pancho Out          
pants2275 Out          
pastortoad Out          
paul5150 Out          
pawilhelm Out          
pdumas50 Out          
peach_belle Out          
perknc Out          
pheter Out          
pikapp383 Out          
pimperia Out