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 Contests > CC/DB 3 And Out!  
One Compiler Customer Will Win $5,000

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The player picked at each position must meet or exceed the fantasy points cutoff for that
position to survive the week.
Fantasy Points Cutoff: QB = 18.0 FPts | RB = 12.0 FPts | WR = 9.0 FPts

Playoff Results

Name Status Wild-Card Division Conference Superbowl
cmelleno   Winner RB M.Turner
kramertech   Winner RB M.Turner

Results for All Entries

Name Status Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16 Week 17
Hellraiser Out          
huntley9 Out          
husker5402 Out          
husker619 Out          
huskerdave Out          
image Out          
infidels_2 Out          
izzster Out          
jamieandjamie Out          
jaredtank Out          
JayDee Out          
jblaine Out          
jdevious Out          
JeffCronin Out          
jers33 Out          
jhuber0314 Out          
jimharrison00 Out          
jmoneta Out          
jobiegermano Out          
jobooskin Out          
joejames73 Out          
joellarocca Out          
joeunleaded Out          
johndipaolo Out          
johnslv2 Out          
jousooner Out  Out          
jrandall01 Out          
jsmolik Out          
jthomas83 Out          
jwahr Out          
jwiles68 Out          
kapantais Out          
keith6969 Out          
kelprods Out          
Kelso Out          
kevintblack Out          
kevmosc1977 Out          
knbgardner Out          
kremedonut Out          
kslanicky Out          
kylomite Out          
lakrfanatk Out          
lawyer36 Out          
Laxdoc Out          
littlelia_2 Out          
lookingfor4 Out          
loserbrothers Out          
lwhamm Out          
lynz421 Out          
madabrown Out          
malevolentone Out          
mariode Out          
martyj13 Out          
mccarty29 Out          
McRones Out          
Meese Out          
melvinsguy Out          
Meyer1971 Out          
Middawg Out          
mikeashabq Out          
miketburke Out          
mjhaisma Out          
mkbrekke Out          
mmrumm Out          
mo420mo Out          
monkeysthrowpoo Out          
mrehkopf Out          
mschuster43 Out          
msurneb Out          
mtnation Out          
m_zacher Out          
odusmagoo Out          
Omnibot Out          
ophughes Out          
OuTrAgE Out          
Peterans Out          
pgranholm Out          
philthy23 Out          
pittdmb_2 Out  Out          
psimmsny Out          
pudgycatcher Out          
qaylan Out          
rdnyhmltn Out          
Reaper802 Out          
reddawg Out          
richlevine Out          
riderfan2000 Out          
rik1010 Out          
rizzobob Out          
RobP Out          
rswitzer1 Out          
rtalamante Out          
RToddWoolf Out          
rxb97 Out          
ryche100 Out          
sab214 Out          
SACK99 Out          
sapper_mx Out