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 Contests > CC/DB 3 And Out!  
One Compiler Customer Will Win $5,000

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The player picked at each position must meet or exceed the fantasy points cutoff for that
position to survive the week.
Fantasy Points Cutoff: QB = 18.0 FPts | RB = 12.0 FPts | WR = 9.0 FPts

Playoff Results

Name Status Wild-Card Division Conference Superbowl
cmelleno   Winner RB M.Turner
kramertech   Winner RB M.Turner

Results for All Entries

Name Status Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16 Week 17
elwooddd Out          
FarmerJabe_2 Out          
gaulitrix Out  Out          
Grizzly Out          
Grudge Out          
gschulz Out          
hdoggpsu Out          
heathlin Out          
jbrackin Out          
jbwillingham Out          
jcrwfrd Out          
jjstone Out          
JonHowland Out          
jphefel Out          
kelp Out          
krummy12 Out          
ksalmons Out          
ku_lew Out          
lang1 Out          
lxadoz104 Out          
majesa Out          
mcdonnell Out          
mel22 Out          
mickyg Out          
mowest88 Out          
mrdmoneys Out          
muchacho Out          
nicallie Out          
ochs22 Out          
patcav47 Out          
pduval Out          
pinkpanthers Out          
Prof_Mike Out          
pta Out          
PYRITE_2 Out          
racampbellky Out          
rbelin22 Out          
richcop Out          
richtaff_2 Out          
romedawgfan Out          
rstevenselec Out          
saltyvonballs Out          
saxophonoia Out          
sengson Out          
shillelaghs Out          
sjelinek Out  Out          
sportkid Out          
swoosley Out          
torridjoe Out          
twright_il Out          
TxJim Out          
vasilev Out          
wpvz Out          
bevykevy Out          
bigfishe Out          
chupinater Out          
c_boo85 Out          
Dlo Out          
dojo_commish Out          
jbairen Out          
jensod Out          
jslayer Out          
JustTheTip Out          
kramer_77 Out          
MisterBL Out          
msewell Out          
pachegol Out          
peanut33 Out          
randge Out          
Willie9 Out          
zazzi20 Out          
abshaw Out          
aclutz17 Out          
benmaller_2 Out          
benny1515 Out          
bluefish329 Out          
Brodie Out          
Cbrew Out          
cdb1397 Out          
cgod Out          
chris1195 Out          
chtrich Out          
croylem Out          
davewor Out          
ddgilby99 Out          
dgodfrey72 Out          
dpwpi Out          
ezgosc Out          
finnie93_2 Out          
Fizzelps Out          
freedomrings Out          
hyporeactor Out          
jakejmartinez Out          
jarosenb Out          
Jerded Out          
jgrah123 Out          
jnwest Out          
Johndhein Out