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 Contests > CC/DB 3 And Out!  
One Compiler Customer Will Win $5,000

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The player picked at each position must meet or exceed the fantasy points cutoff for that
position to survive the week.
Fantasy Points Cutoff: QB = 18.0 FPts | RB = 12.0 FPts | WR = 9.0 FPts

Playoff Results

Name Status Wild-Card Division Conference Superbowl
cmelleno   Winner RB M.Turner
kramertech   Winner RB M.Turner

Results for All Entries

Name Status Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16 Week 17
jeffbayliss Out          
jeffmud Out          
jmderick Out          
joesmith Out          
jtwood Out          
jw_17 Out          
kidpage Out          
klingon2004 Out          
koperski Out          
lilsug Out          
lleidal Out          
LunaTick Out          
mab68jmb68 Out          
marcushecht Out          
mattthewmoser Out          
mauxfaux Out          
Maverick182 Out          
mazubieta Out          
MC_Hotdog Out          
mk24581 Out          
MrCCG Out          
MrOliver Out          
ngeodakis Out          
oxfordtown Out          
PDXPanther90 Out          
pengelhardt Out          
Rand Out          
rbilla Out          
redskin1 Out          
rkg2112 Out          
ronshig Out          
rosenkrans Out          
runngun Out          
rvermettej1 Out          
s29141 Out          
sfoxfour Out          
SixxDogg11 Out          
sm7301 Out          
smclaughlin Out          
snowdady Out          
SpiritCat Out          
StBlazes Out          
streetdog Out          
Strunza2 Out          
sziabo Out          
texaroo Out          
tfbigirish Out          
thebflbomb Out          
thekinn Out          
thom Out  Out  Out          
tim23red Out  Out          
tonyw1989 Out          
tq97 Out          
Washelesky Out          
whigs Out          
whittlong Out          
wilmerdm Out          
wolverines2 Out          
ying Out